Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Tanya" on TV

ttv (24k image)

One of the teachers at Panorama Elementary won a statewide teacher's award, so Tonya, being the PTA President, was up in Salt Lake for the award show. She was on screen for about a grand total of 10 seconds, but always nice to see people I know on TV.
Funny how they can spell the last name right and not get Tonya right. She did spell the last name for them, who knew? ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shaylie Preschool Graduation

grad (46k image)

Shaylie had her graduation tonight :) She sang "How much is that Doggie in the Window". I will get video of her singing on soon.

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school! And my last day of PTA President, although I will still be working on getting the new school marquis installed when it comes. I have to work with our treasurer and new president to get a budget set up and then I am done!!!!! Taylor had a fun last day. She took a crafty gift to Mrs. Brown and Mrs Todd, our beloved crossing guard. She has been working at the corner ever since Taylor started and next year she'll have our Shaylie too. It's hard to believe. Tonight is Shaylie's preschool graduation. She is going to perform a song she has learned. I went to school today and gave all the kids an ice cream treat from the PTA to celebrate the last day of school. It was fun. Shaylie got to meet her teacher, even though we missed the Open House that was held yesterday. I guess I have been a little too busy to pick up the mail, since I missed the invitation to it. She will be in Mrs. Sewell's afternoon kindergarten class. We are both very excited. But first...the summer is here and I have several ideas on how to keep the girls occupied this summer. Reading, swimming, camping, and visiting among them. We will keep you updated from time to time...
PS...Grandpa Great, we are glad to hear you are doing better! We love you!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Training Room Done

I have now completed step 2 of my four step computer setups at work. I have finished my training room computers. Now I have to setup all the old training room computers to be job connection computers and then take the old job connections computers, erase them and put them on a surplus truck. Hopefully soon I can get this all done. It will sure be nice to have some closet space.