Monday, May 31, 2010

Real Salt Lake Game - 5/29/10

We were heading up to Holden for Memorial Day week when Tonya suggested that there was a Real Salt Lake game.
I went online and found they had a huge discount for tickets so I called Taylor and her friend Shaylee who were up in Holden already and asked if they wanted to go. Grandma Dawn did not want to go, oh well. (actually that turned out ok as we would have needed to take to cars.)
They of course did, then I called my mom and didn't really give her the option of not going. We drove up to Holden, visited a while and then made the rest of the drive to Salt Lake. We met my mom at the front gate.
As we walked it, one of the supporter groups was playing music to hype everyone up. There was confetti everywhere and people dancing. Mom thought that was great!
I took Shaylie around as this was the first time she had ever been to a big stadium, she was pretty impressed.

We had been prepared for cold and rainy, but it turned out to be sunny, too sunny for quite a while. I had even gotten seats underneath the upper deck so that we would have some shelter from the rain.
Real Salt Lake had two mascots.  The little one was great! he was doing cartwheels and somersaults all over the field!
The game was great! Real scored 4 goals and had a really nice one called back on an offsides (I didn't see that and no one else in the stadium either) Turns out that a lot of the people sitting around us were from St. George as well, small world.
There was over 15,000 people there, maybe they will realize if the make it more affordable, more people will come. Taylor was shocked to find out that a cup of fries and a small water was $4.00 each, so she just got the fries.
Mom was fascinated with the supporters group, they were banging the drums all game long, dancing around, had big flags, smoke bombs. I told her that I would get in contact with them for her to join!

It was great visiting with her, after the game, we said our goodbyes and parted ways and headed back to Holden.