Sunday, May 23, 2004

Our website is back up

We have been having a hard time getting into our web site, so now that I can get in, I had better do an update. Taylor had her first baseball game on Saturday. The kids hit well, and they seemed to understand playing defense. The kids handled the ball pretty well, and Taylor hit the ball hard.

Taylor is done with school for the year. Friday was her last day. She is very sad that the year is over.

Shaylie is done with dance for the summer. Next year, both Shaylie and Taylor will be taking dance classes, although not at the same time. Starting next month, both Taylor and Shaylie will be taking swim lessons at the city pool over by Dixie High School.

In work news, I no longer have to travel to Cedar City :) Lance and Ryan have taken over the site, giving me more time to get things done. We also upgraded the imaging server to a machine that has over a TERRABYTE of Hard Disk Space! I have to finish upgrading servers to 6.5 this week, and then finish the surplusing of computers and then my life should be easy for a week or two :)

Tonya had her first PTA meeting as President, it went well.

Sunday, May 9, 2004

A busy week ahead

We are going to have a very busy week. Tonya is leaving for Provo on Thursday for her PTA Convention. She will be gone until Saturday evening.

Shaylie has dance on Tuesday, as usual.

Taylor is the busy one, although she has to be very good to get to be able to do it all, as she is grounded. Monday and Tuesday, there is a dance clinic for all new students who want to get into dance, and we feel she needs to get into dance. Her last soccer game is on Saturday, so if she gets to go, she will have to practice on Tuesday. Tuesday is going to be a mess. Thursday is the tryout for dance, so she will have to practice the routine Wednesday night.

I have about 70 computers to surplus. Unfortunately, it takes about 90 minutes to erase the computer, then I have to fill out a form for each one, and then hope the surplus truck shows up before people start complaining about all the computers lying around. I also have to update all of my servers to Novell 6.5 by the end of the month. However, no one has made up instructions on how to do it yet, so I guess I get to do it. And then, the imaging server needs to be swapped out, which should take at least one whole night. This is going to be fun.

And lastly, I will try and get all the pictures of the past couple of weeks online. More later....

Friday, May 7, 2004

Photos now online

I have added photos for the month of April and for Taylor's baptism and confirmation. Just go to the photos page. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2004

Baptism Weekend

This weekend was Taylor's baptism and confirmation. Friday Grandma J came down and we went to Mongolian Bar-Bee-Que and then went to the temple visitor's center. Grandma also gave Taylor a beautiful white dress. On Saturday, Grandma Dawn and Anissa and Anje and Great Grandparents came down. Taylor had a soccer game at 1:00 so we all went to that. The game went to a shootout and Taylor's team won. After that, we raced home, cut Taylor's hair and got her in the shower. Then we gave her all her baptism gifts. She received her scriptures, a tote bag, a beautiful "I am a child of God necklace" and baptism bracelet, and a journal.

The baptism went well. Great-Grandpa Heath and Shane Sabitis were the witnesses. I didn't forget the prayer and we did it right ON THE FIRST TRY!

Saturday was her confirmation, Tonya helped by writing out a prayer for me so that I would be able to do it well and remember everything that I wanted to say.

Taylor was very beautiful in her dress and was a very very good girl.