Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taylor's Soccer Journey Continues...We Hope!

Taylor begins playing on Monday with the Strikers FC! This is a team comprised mostly of the Pine View High JV team. We are excited for her to have this chance to get to know the girls and coaches she will hopefully be playing with in high school. She is excited too! More than she should have been, probably...but that's a long story.

This is a competitive league and they will likely play in the Summer Games in 2010, as well as some regional qualifying tournaments. It will be a bit pricey, but the team is looking at doing some fundraisers, so that will help. I think of it as a good investment. :-)

There is only one catch--I probably should have mentioned that earlier--and that is: She is only 13 years old and she may be playing against 18 year olds which the league has to approve with a signed waiver from us. So all of this pending that approval. The good news is that the coach already told us that even if she can't "officially" play with the team, she can still come to practices and work out with them. So it's all good, but better if she can actually play!

I'm excited for her! And for us too! What would we do without soccer to keep us busy? Or maybe I should say distracted? Anyway...we love it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Every year, my wonderful family calls and asks me for ideas for gifts for the girls and for ourselves. This year, I've decided to post some things that I've heard the girls mention or that they've asked for or that I think they would like. The downside of this is that I am giving away all my ideas, but the upside is that it will hopefully make shopping a bit easier for you!

Shaylie: DSi (or money towards one), Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Set, Littlest Pet Shop LPSO Pet--these are the giant LPS toys that have a computer code, DS Games: MySims Agents or Harry Potter, Books.

Taylor: The only thing I'm really recommending for Taylor this year is Cash or Gift Cards. She has mentioned wanting a new clip-on ponytail and rollerblades...or money to fix up her motor scooter, as well. She is very hard to shop for so if anyone else has good ideas...maybe you should let me know. :) She would also like anything to do with decorating her room...but don't ask me what she wants. ??

Scott's super easy to buy for usually. My trouble is knowing where to stop. If you need ideas...look at any hobby shop, ThinkGeek, or the Tech section of any store. He could also use tools for his train room...he's mentioned a jigsaw or scroll saw, but I don't even know what those are exactly.

As for me, Dear Santa Claus...I need new earphones (not earbuds), anything to replace my old kitchen stuff most of which I've had since I got married, and world peace. Unfortunately, the nook that I really want is not available until January

And of course we always love games (Pictionary Man and The Things Game look fun! or Wii games are faves too! And I'm in love with Bananagrams since Erin got me addicted!)

Hope this helps! And I hope you know the best gifts are just knowing that you love us and having you in our lives!

Do me a favor please....comment with your wish lists too so we can have fun shopping for your ideas too!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Why I love living in the Fields

This morning as I was driving off of my street, I turned the corner and had to come to a halt as a deer was standing there! She looked at me for a minute, I looked at her, she got on the sidewalk and I drove by and I watched her go back on the road. I have never had a house before where I could walk outside and see a herd of deer, I love this place

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Sickie!

Scott has been down with the flu for the past couple days. So far, the only one who has escaped is me. Unfortunately, I have already had 4 days off taking care of the girls, but better I miss work than Scott. He is on the mend, but he has had a temp as high as 101 and spent a whole night in the bathroom trying to get rid off all the food he'd eaten in the past week. He's now getting a kind of cough...which I hope is not turning into pneumonia as has happened with some of my friends. It's been a nasty year for bugs. Maybe it's good that we are getting it over with so we can enjoy the holidays (knock on wood). I think it will be remarkable if I don't get sick next, but then I already think it's remarkable that I haven't been yet. Hopefully my luck will hold! If only I could resist the Halloween candy as well as I've been resisting the flu! :)