Saturday, December 25, 2004

Santa Visited Last Night!

sleigh (8k image)

Santa made a visit last night to our house. Taylor in her letter asked him to take a picture of the reindeer, and he did!!! :thewave: If you look very closely you can see the reindeer on the roofline of the house, with Rudolph in front of course.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas week

Finished another whirlwind week. Taylor had her Christmas choir concert this week, Taylor and Shaylie had their Christmas Dance Recital, and Tonya and Taylor had their performances in the Christmas program this weekend in church. I had the other western region LAN guys down and we set up a new server for my buildings. Also had a server fail at the health building, but I amazingly got that server running after much work.

This week will be much calmer, as I won't have as much to do, however I am going to try and finish off the novell servers (the new ones are REALLY FAST). Hopefully things will go well this week.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Hello again

Long time no read. Wow, what a week we have had. Quite the whirlwind tour. Tuesday was our usual hectic night, with Choir, Painting class for Taylor, Dance for Shaylie, Achievment Days for Taylor, the Dance for Taylor. Wednesday I had my first visits meeting in the Elder's Quorum meeting. Unfortunately, Taylor had a concert performance that night so I had to miss that. However, We bought a DVD of that performance and I am becoming very good at manipulating digital video, so you all (and me) may see it soon. Thursday night was Girl Scouts and a PTA school-wide meeting. Tonya had planned for over 150 people to come as they had been advertising it and sending home flyers with the children. I had just barely walked into the house from getting the all the girls to girl scouts when Tonya called and asked me to come to the PTA meeting so that she would have enough people to vote. Turns out only 11 people showed up for the meeting. :hithead: (Thank you for your support) I was thinking of going in there and making a motion to pay Tonya a salary for her work (I figured with so few people there, that would be easy)

Friday, I dropped the kids off with Anissa and Tonya and I went to the temple, it was ward temple night. Afterwards we went to the Saibitis's for desert. It was a fun evening.

Saturday, we went up to Cedar because Roger and Pam where there. We went out to Lunch, then we went Bowling, then to the Light Parade, then everyone else went to a play at the school and I volunteered to stay and watch the kids.

Sunday, we now have church from 9-12 then we had choir practice at 4:15, at 4:45 the Stake Council finally set me apart as 2nd Counselor, at 5:00 Tonya and Taylor had Duet singing practice, and at 5:15 we had a meeting with the new bishop.

I am sure glad to be on a new week!

Saturday, December 4, 2004

Fun Friday

We were so proud of our girls yesterday! They both performed brilliantly. First Taylor sang with her school chorus at the Dickens Festival. They sang some very cute fun songs. It is a large group and they were on a very small stage so most of the kids were hidden....and of course, Taylor was in the back so she kept standing up on her tip toes so we could see her beautiful face above the crowd. She really was having a good time. We came back to the Festival later in the day to see both girls dance with the Desert Edge Dance Company. Shaylie danced so well! She was in the front and center and she followed along perfectly. I was taping the dances though, and my tape ran out in the middle of the second dance...I was sad. :angry: I quickly rewound the tape to a less significant section and taped over some stuff when Taylor danced. Taylor was very very good. I was impressed with her. I think if she sticks with it, she could be a very talented dancer. She is becoming more and more graceful as she practices. It makes a mother proud....and a daddy too. After the dances, the girls each got a rose from Anje and I gave them a ribbon that said "Dancing Star"...It was a fun day!