Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To her dismay...

They announced who would perform in the Talent Show today and Taylor made it!!!  She was smiling ear-to-ear and moaning at the same time..."Now I have to do it in front of the whole school!!!"  We are very proud of her!  More info to come...

Have I mentioned before that I somehow volunteered to help with my 20-year High School reunion?  My old classmate Kristine Dastrup (Beck) sent out an email and I responded that I'd be happy to help and now I am in charge of the Class Directory/Memory Book and I've put together a website (Check it out.) that we may or may not use...I haven't heard from Kris yet about that...but it's been kind of fun to get involved with this, even though I never thought I would be since I was never quite involved in high school when I was in high school.  Go figure.   Hope I'll be ready when the time comes...

Speaking of which, I've been trying to hit the gym consistently and yesterday I hit a record for me...30 minutes on the Eliptical CrossTrainer.  It wasn't that long ago that I could barely do 5 before I was gasping for breath.  My goal yesterday was 20 and at about 12 I was struggling, but when 20 came, I knew I could do 10 more...weird, huh?  Anyway, my ultimate goal is to be able to do 45 minutes and then I'll start upping the levels.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  I've actually lost about 10 lbs. since Jan. 1st...so yay me! 

Taylor and I also swore off sugar last week and we did pretty well...I really could feel the difference...the few times I cheated, the treats made me sick to my stomach....so I'm trying to do it again this week.  Breakfast is hard since I really don't like eggs that much....but it's a challenge to come up with things to eat.

I also went to the dentist (finally) about my jaw.  It's been stuck so that I couldn't open it for about 4 weeks, ever since I was eating pizza one night and it popped loudly and from that point on I couldn't close my teeth properly or open very wide.  I put off making the appointment because I thought for sure that the muscles would relax and everything would straighten out, but I finally got fed up and made the appointment...and, wouldn't you know...on the drive over to the dentist, I yawned and my jaw opened without a problem and my teeth lined up and everything seemed okay...so when the dentist looked at me there was nothing to see...They could tell that it had been messed up since it is still pretty swollen and the tests they gave me showed increased vibrations and clicking so I got a prescription for a steroid cream and anti-inflammatory and I have to stay off crunchy, hard food as much as possible probably forever, and continue wearing the splint I have at night and as often as I can.  Hopefully, it will all help.  If it gets worse over time, they can do shots, PT, orthodontics (been there, done that), etc....one step at a time.

Well, I've rambled on long enough.  Thanks for reading about the ups and downs of our lives.  Check in again soon for more exciting adventures.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Like Father, like daughter

We decorated Easter Eggs today, Taylor made a pretty good one, what do you think:

Taylor's Tony Stewart Egg

Happy Easter to all!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Incredible Children

Taylor tried out for her school's Talent Show yesterday.  She was so nervous.  She did a dance that she's learned this year in her class, but she added another section that she choreographed herself.  She worked hard and I hope she'll be able to perform it for the assembly.  She'll find out Monday and then we'll have more details.  She is so amazing!  She never fails to make her dad and me proud. 

Shaylie has almost finished delivering GS Cookies.  Three more deliveries to go! Yay!  She has also been working the booths at the grocery store.  She even made a big picket sign to wave cars over.  She's been very enthusiastic about it and is very excited to go to camp this summer! 

Shaylie has also got front teeth coming in, which I'm thrilled about.  We'll be off to the orthodontist soon, which I'm not.  But she'll have a beautiful smile when we're done!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A fortunate mistake

I took a wrong turn to the TRAX station this morning.  After going just a little way, I turned around and saw a Utah Railway train! :-D  It had three Utah Railway engines and a lot of oil tanker cars!!! It was great!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung!

I took these pictures on March 10th.  Those of you in snow, SORRY! :-P

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break Update

Spring Break is almost over and I felt like it was time for an update.  We haven't done anything overly exciting this week, but we've had fun just being together.  We went to see a movie one day (The Water Horse...it was cute) and we went to the park another day.  Taylor had a sleepover with her friend Shaylee and Shaylie played with lots of friends.  One highlight for me was that I finally had someone come out and give me an estimate on how much it would cost to install a pool in the side yard.  It's been fun to dream over styles and landscaping and finishes, etc.  We even visited the pool store and the girls got to climb in the style I like to see how it fit.  They approved....almost too much.  It took quite a bit of work to convince them that this is a project for the future....not today.  Someday and now the planning will be easier since we have all the info. 

Scott is leaving on Sunday for BrainShare...he'll be gone for a few days and we'll miss him.  He always enjoys this conference though.  I think there's a lot of good food usually too for a bonus.

Tay has a soccer game tomorrow.  She was surprised at the last game at how well her team did.  They had practice tonight and she said it went well...we'll see tomorrow.

I was sorry to miss Erin's baby shower this weekend...Mom, Anissa and I had planned to drive to Denver for this weekend but the weather looked iffy and it was a long drive for such a short visit, plus I'd rather go after the baby is born so I can meet her. Yay!  I can't wait. 

More news later...love to all!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Our speaking assignments went well today...I'm glad they are over.  Scott was not excited to do this, but as usual, he did a great job.  Next time I'm just going to let him be his normal funny self. He always does well no matter what.  Shaylie did well, but she was a little nervous...she spoke very fast and it was a little hard to understand.  Taylor's was just right and she looked beautiful, as did Shaylie.  Grandma did both their hair and they had new outfits for the occasion.  I'm very proud of my family.

Anissa and Anje were planning to attend our ward to hear us speak, but they forgot to set their clocks back so they were still in bed snoozing the day away.  We were sad they weren't there....maybe next time.

Time for my Sunday nap...love to all! Blog again soon...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Break

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break begins...I'm watching Anje for Anissa since teachers have to work.  The girls always have fun together.

It looks like Anissa, Mom and I are going to Denver for Erin's baby shower on the 15th.  I'm excited about being an Aunt again and since Mike is talking about moving back to Arizona, it may be the only chance I get to visit him & Erin in CO.  It should be a fun if quick trip but then I'll know my way back if I ever want to visit Bry, Dena & the boys.

Other than that trip, we don't have much planned for the break.  Shaylie thinks we never do anything fun.....she may be right.  But, we're going to try to come up with something, as long as it is close to home.  Who knows?

Girl Scout cookies are almost all delivered.  It's been fairly easy this year since most of the orders Shaylie took were from my school or Scott's work.  She sold a few around the neighborhoods, but it has been pretty easy.

Camp for both girls will be in June this year.  Shaylie's decided to brave a trip away from home without her mom...Taylor will be there at the same time, which eases my mind.  We'll take both girls up at the same time and Grandma Dawn will pick up Shaylie halfway through the week, then we'll pick up Tay at the end of the week.  Scott and I might try to do something fun while they're gone....who knows?

Our family is speaking in Church this Sunday.  Taylor asked the Bishop if we could, despite threats of being grounded for the rest of her days.  All four of us will give talks.  I wrote a poem for Shaylie to read and Taylor is supposed to be writing her own...I may have to help a bit.  Scott is planning a comedy routine, but I hope that it won't be too hilarious, although I do always enjoy his sense of humor.  I'm sure we'll survive...this too shall pass.

Well, I will let you know if anything eventful happens over our vacation.  I may even blog again sometime...who knows?  Love ya!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


So much for worrying!  Taylor had her first game of the season, they had barely practiced, and yet won with a shutout 1-0.  As low scoring as that was, it was a total domination by Taylor's team.  The ball only crossed mid-field twice and barely made it to the penalty box.  Needless to say, Taylor didn't even touch the ball.  After the game, Taylor yelled, "That was the most boring game EVER!" It turned out that Taylor had two of her old teammates with her, and you could tell they lead the way.

Funny thing was, the game before ours had two of Taylor's old teammates on one team and five on the other (Ivy was one of the five). That was the team that Taylor wanted to move unto, but I said she needed to stay and fight it out.  Wellllll, that team lost!  What was funny though, one of Taylor's teammates said, well if we would have had a better goalie (namely Taylor) they wouldn't have lost.  Great to hear good things about my daughter. 

Turns out that Ivy lives close to us, so Taylor is going to be much happier with her friend situation out here in the fields.

 In other news, we pulled all the weeds in our backyard and took a load out to the dump, so it is looking better at home.