Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blackberry's Going Blind



I just got back from the veteranarian's office.  We decided to take Bubs in because we noticed one of his eyes is clouded over and kind of reddish around the outside.  Dr. Jace King (also a friend from our ward) was great. He diagnosed him with Juvenille Cataracts.  The bad news is that he is developing one in his other eye too.  The only real solution to the problem is surgery, which Jace thought would run about $2000 per eye!!!  He recommended waiting to see if the other eye goes blind too...and then we can consider the surgery.  He said he's seen many dogs function with no sight, but poor Blackberry.  We're supposed to watch for signs of Glaucoma too, which can be painful, but nothing on that front yet.  He's still just a's so sad.  I think he'll be all right, but we're going to watch him and decide as things get worse.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Fun at Zion!

Our Break continues with another fun trip to Zion Canyon. We had such fun hiking and finding letter boxes. The girls were so excited to actually find the hidden treasures...and so was I!! Unfortunately, we did have a little trauma at the hotel last night...Taylor broke her least I think she did. I don't have any pictures of her in my slide show, but she's taken a few with her camera so I'll have to have her post them. Her nose is red and scabbed and she has deep dark bruises under her eyes. She was swimming in the hotel pool and rammed her face into the bottom of the pool. She's handling it very well and you can see she was in good spirits or our morning hike. Hope you enjoy the slide show!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Continues

See my other blog for pics of our fun Snow Canyon Camping trip! More adventures to come...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Trip to Zion

I had a conference in Zion last week and I talked Scott into bringing the girls out to visit me and the was so beautiful and fun to share with my family! Enjoy these pics....we're probably going back this week so we'll post more soon.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ogden Train Show

Shaylie and I drove up (ok I drove) to Ogden to the Hostler's train show.  We went to Salt Lake after Shaylie's soccer game and stayed with Grandma J. She took us to dinner at the Chinese Buffett. Then we drove up to the train show and the first thing we saw was HUGE trains.  Shaylie was very happy and said that she was worried that she would be bored looking at all the little trains, but with the huge trains it was great.  We had a good time at the show, I just wish I would have remembered the camera, here are some cell phone pictures:


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soccer Started Today!

Taylor and Shaylie both had their first soccer games today! Taylor won her game 3-2 and Shaylie tied hers 2-2.  Taylor only played goalie the last 5 minutes and she scored two of the goals for their team.  Shaylie played goalie the second half of her game and stopped several shots but two did get past her.  Scott and Taylor also had their coaching debut and did a GREAT job!  We are so proud of everyone!



 It was a cold clear morning which is great since last night we were anticipating snow!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Scott

Scott had a doctor's appointment last week and went into the hospital for some tests. They are not sure exactly what's going on with him, but they think he has Acid Reflux and that is what is causing his gag-reflex to go haywire. We are waiting on a Postcard of Death from the Dr's office which we should receive in another 7-10 days...right on schedule. He really is fine, but we'll see what needs to happen next.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week that was, week that will be

In needing to write down everything that is going on, here we go.  I found out I have another state building, in Snow Canyon State Park, it is really pretty there, but like all DNR sites, have little to no money so they get upset when I tell them they need to buy something to make what they have work.  Oh well.  Then DNR at Sand Hollow State Park got a new copier that, of course, will not connect to the state network, but I figured it out and got it working. Then on Thursday, the guy that did the other half of the state buildings in St. George retired, so now I am alone here in Washington county, the Cedar City guy says he will take over the work, hope so.

This week the stake wants me to go around to all the wards and figure out which machines need more memory (which is all of them), what type they need, and get it ordered. I love how my church calling is SOOOO different than my job.  I have a new found respect for mothers with new-borns getting called to the nursery. Then I need to fix some people's computers and a couple of family member computers (one of which is the ten year old dinosaur that I call my own, bet you didn't know a computer could work for ten years) Plus at work I need to install at least 25 computers and then get to work on surplusing 100+ machines.

Then there are soccer practices and Shaylie's first soccer game and a train show in Ogden.  Just address all mail to me at the local mental institution. :-)  Will write again if I make it through.