Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

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The girls made birthday posters for Scott today and they made me laugh! Taylor did her best to make dad feel OLD....over the hills,  30+8=OLD, and more...but Shaylie was trying to make him feel better: "10 more years til over the hill", "you're not as old as Papa"...too funny!  I hope you can see all the fun details!  They love their dad!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Guess what!?!?

I am on a FrontRunner Train right now. This is SOOOOOOO cool! We are sitting in the upper deck of car 101. I am really liking this. I could learn to love this. Just wish there wasn't so much fog. It is 6:08 right now.

Here are the pictures from the trip: http://colorcountrytrains.org/gallery/v/misc/uta09/

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're not the only ones...

Taylor and I went to see Twilight last night with our friends the Sabaitis girls as a reward for finishing the book. We were really shocked to see that the 7:00 show was SOLD OUT! We must not be the only fanatics in St. George. We hung out at the mall until the 9:30 show. The girls bought matching "We (heart) boys that sparkle" t-shirts. The movie was great! As we were leaving, we saw some boys going into the theater with high-heel shoes, fake lashes, leggings, and boas...they thought it was hilarious and I had to explain that it was because of the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The girls couldn't stop giggling. It was a fun night!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh Yeah!

I remembered. We are not leaving town this weekend. We thought we might head up north for a train show and maybe to see Walking with Dinosaurs...but the train show is next weekend and WwD is too expensive. So I guess we'll stay and soak up the wonderful St. George sun!


I was going to post something and then I forgot what I wanted to say. I'm getting old.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Date Night

Scott and I had a fun date night tonight--since the girls are both at sleepovers, we figured we better take full advantage. Taylor is having a fun sleepover birthday party at her friend's and Shaylie talked Aunt Anissa into a slumber/swim party.

Scott and I decided to have a Cheap Date, so we went to Taco Bell and then to the $2 movie to see Eagle Eye. (We bought popcorn, which wasn't in keeping with the theme, but it was yummy anyway.) Then, we stopped at Maverick on the way home for an ice cream cone.

It was fun and very reminiscent of our college days. We used to walk from the campus up to Taco Bell, KFC, or McDonald's. It also reminded Scott of Taco/Hot Dog night at his mom's growing up.

Good times.

We're Back

Well, the block posts are moved, still working at getting all the pictures back and I have to make a theme for the site.  The main thing was to save the posts as it has basically become our family history.  Soon it will look better I promise.