Monday, April 26, 2004

Taylor's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Taylor!! Today she is eight years old. I can't believe how fast the years are flying by. This weekend we had a slumber birthday party with several of Taylor's friends. They colored pillow cases to take home and watched movies projected on the wall. The girls were terrific and they had a lot of fun! Taylor has also received lots of cards and gifts from family and friends! Thank you for all the neat things.

Tonight, Taylor and her Dad are going out on a Daddy/Daughter date! They are going to eat out at Mongolian BBQ and then to a surprise/fun activity. I think this will become an annual tradition.

We took ice cream bars to Taylor's class at school today! But, oops, I miscounted so I was short by several bars. Luckily, the PTA ice cream freezer was right outside Taylor's classroom so I grabbed several to save the day. Tomorrow, I will be joining Taylor's class to learn basic math.

And then, after school, Taylor was visited by her Activity Days leader who brought her an invitation to join them. Now that she is eight, she can go to this fun meeting and work on her Faith in God Award. This is a program (kind of like Cub Scouts) that helps girls to develop a strong testimony and work on qualities that will help her be an excellent person when she grows up. (As if she isn't already...) She has been looking forward to this a lot.

This Saturday is her Baptism. We are having a family party and many of the fam will be coming down to help us celebrate. It is a very special day and we are looking forward to this a lot. She will have the baptism Saturday night and her confirmation will be the next day in Church. We are so very proud of having such an awesome daughter who is so faithful in following her Heavenly Father. She is heading for great things, I think.

So....Happy Birthday, dear Taylor, Happy Birthday to YOU! :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

More new technology and other stuff

I finally got rid of my brick cell phone. I got a VERY small cell phone (it is almost too small). The nice thing is, it also has text messaging, so I get rid of my pager too! I rewrote my web page that that it can send me text messages. Tonya played with the phone and got it all setup for me, however, we couldn't find a Harry Potter ringtone for it :( Oh well, can't have everything.

I travel up to Salt Lake again tomorrow to go to the DWS WIT conference. So I will miss the dance going on here. I really wanted to take Tonya and go, oh well now we are going to have Taylor's birthday party instead. She is having a sleepover party.

This weekend is pretty busy. Taylor has a soccer game at nine in the morning on Saturday.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Oh great!

I was in Salt Lake all last week for novell training and security training. I went back to work this morning and went to my ec first. The connection to the internet is dead, so is the connection in Cedar City. So I have two buildings that are dead this morning with about 100 employees not able to work. What a wonderful way to start a week. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Our Little Dancer

We just got the pictures of our little one; isn't she cute!!! :D
shaydanc (12k image)

dancgrp (21k image)

Monday, April 5, 2004

Baseball Season!!!!

It is amazing to me that my favorite sport (baseball) starts on my least favorite week (daylight savings begins). I guess that is the way keep things balanced out :)
Last night the Red Sox lost their opening game, I wonder if the people of Boston are already calling for the manager's firing. I am listening to the Cub's game right now, it is so great to have baseball back. The Diamondbacks don't play until tomorrow night, so I guess I get three days of opening baseball :D
More later, gotta get back to work....