Monday, December 31, 2001


I now have a desk in my office. It is the wrong one, but I am going to live with it, because it looks ok. I got everything umpacked (will work on organizing later) and it looks nice to be pretty much moved in. Everyone is wanting to move in, but the computer and phone jacks are not even wired, let alone half the cubicles are not done. I just keep telling people no, but I think they don't care, as I am see more and more stuff appear over here. All that is left in my old office is a chair, a couple of computers and my old desk, which I am missing very much. (I wish it fit in my new office, oh well)

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Hello from Mesa!

Hello...we are having a fun time down here at Dad's house. We have had a big group visiting (well, I guess we are really the big group, but...), my brothers Mike and Bryan have been here everyday with their wives Erin and Dena, and of course, my little buddy, Ashton. We have been having a ton of fun playing games and being entertained by the girls.

Yesterday, we had a big birthday party for Anje...she just turned 4 on Dec. 23rd. Anissa filled the whole living room with balloons and the girls and Ashton had a great time playing in them. We got some great pictures. Later, Uncle Mike and Aunt Erin took Taylor and Anje for a big surprise...they got to go to Build-A-Bear. The girls got to stuff and accessorize their own stuffed animals. They both picked out the very same orange tabby kitten to stuff without knowing about the other. That was pretty interesting! They are the cutest things. They had fun doing it too!

Today is Christmas Too! We are going to open up presents as soon as everyone arrives. There are almost as many presents as Christmas the original! If that is possible...

On a sadder note, both Shaylie and I and Anissa are sick now. The germs must have been running rampant in the car on the way down here! I am feeling pretty miserable but I think I have finally got the right medicine after three different trips to the drug store. (Sorry Scott!) Hopefully, we will all be feeling better soon and won't end up infecting all of Arizona while we are here.

We miss Scott terribly! It's going to be the first New Years' that we have ever been apart (that's over 10 years worth!) Somehow, I ended up telling the story last night of how Scott and I met, the whole dating story, and it made me very homesick and nostalgic for my sweetie.

But, we will have the camera going that night so we can check in with each other. I don't know if it will be on all night but definitely at midnight, so we can say Happy New Years!

Well, I am just checking in....We'll let you know how things are going in another day or two. Love you all! Tonya, Shay and Tay...

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Rainy Day

It rained all day today here in St. George. It was kind of appropriate since it felt like a dreary day at work. First, they couldn't bring my desk so I still have computers on the floor. Next, I saw that since State ITS removed IPX that day, my server couldn't see any other servers, so we will see how it works on Monday. Also, we are now moving on the second, and Howard expects us to be ready to work on the 3rd. If everything works, I deserve a medal (and a lot of money)

Tonya is in Mesa with the family. Shaylie is under the weather, which can't be fun. Well, I hope this will be the last New Year's that I spend away from my family.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Tonya's Gone...

Tonya, Taylor, and Shaylie left for New Year's down in Mesa. It is going to be a very quiet time at the house, if I am ever there. I am so busy at work that I might not be home enough to see anyone anyway.

In other news, the movers are not moving any furnishings in until after the cubicles are build, so I am still without my desk, hopefully they will be done soon.

Ready to go...

Don't worry Rose! I got the car's oil and tires checked yesterday...everything was AOK. I even went to the doctor and got my eyes checked...(Just call me four-eyes) glasses were ready in about an hour...Now, we are just getting packed and ready to head out...

Scott may have a car while we are gone. I am going to see if Anissa wants to leave her car here for Scott to use. She and Chad & Krissy are driving down with us in their car so she won't need hers...I don't think...

We are excited to see everyone down south. It's going to be fun...we'll see you all online! Bye.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Merry Christmas...

Well, Christmas is over! What a great day! Everybody got more than they wished for...Santa brought Taylor a Barbie Sing-with-me Karaoke Machine with lots of Britany and Backstreet Boys music and some great new stuff to fix her bicycle....Shaylie got a Magic Learning Screen Activity Center, it's a mini-computer that does it all, just like Daddy's and a new Ride-on Bike. She loves them.

Besides Santa, everyone else spoiled the girls too...we had card games, blocks, dolls, video and music tapes, coloring books and crayons, see and says, shape sorters, music makers, markers, lots of ballerina stuff, puppies, barbies, and computer games, not to mention clothes, socks, underwear and jammies (thanks to Grmama J.)

Scott and I were spoiled as well. He loves his Backyard Baseball game & his new computer, and I love my new Kitchen Table/Chairs and I will love my new digital camera when it comes. I hope I get it before I leave for Mesa tomorrow....but if not, I will have a great New Years' present when I get home.

We were so happy to have Rose here this year. We love spending time with her and we were very sad to see her leave this morning. There were more than a few tears shed when she left. She got a Massaging/Heating chair pad, and a gold heart/rose pendant and a terry robe. Taylor also picked out some soaps and lotions for her. It wasn't much, but I hope she enjoys it. Mostly, we just love spending time with her! Thanks Grmama J.

Now we are busy getting ready to leave for Mesa tomorrow. We are celebrating Christmas Two at dad's as well as Anje's birthday as well as New Year's Eve. It will just be one never ending party! I can't wait. Dad says the food is all zero points while I'm there too, so that will be nice.

We had a blast seeing and talking to everyone on the internet yesterday! I can't believe the technology these it will only be getting better and better! What a hoot!

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope your holidays were exceptional...and your New Year starts with a bang! See you in Mesa...We will be online this year (since Scott is going to be alone in Saint George, he can tune in and join us "virtually")....Bye.

Monday, December 24, 2001

Got my new server running!

My new server is now working!!!! Through much hard work and a lot of praying, it came up and everything worked. I had a few hiccups, but everything appears to be running well now. We will see Wednesday.

Christmas Eve went very well, I got the socks I needed. Taylor got me a great baseball game for my computer, and Tonya got me a watch that doubles as the TV Remote Control. Now I will not have to search for remote when I come home. I will let everyone else write what they got when they come to the site.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Christmas Picture

We took Taylor and Shaylie to the mall today to see Santa and here is the picture we got:
christmas2k1 (12k image)

The second after the picture, Shaylie got a HUGE smile on her face, so that was kind of sad, but the look on Santa's face is awesome.

Darwin Award Nominee

We were driving home from seeing Santa at the Mall and Taylor saw a guy sitting on his bike on the roof of his house. We pulled around the corner to see what was going on. He was going to jump off the roof of his house! He had several false alarms and was taking so long that we thought that he must have figured out how stupid this stunt was. He then finally went and got to the ground, but the grass was wet and he wiped out onto the sidewalk. He got up all mad and threw the bike. We left after watching and drove through the new subdivision. Taylor looked back and said "He's back on the roof with his bike again!" We looked back, and there he was, shaking his arm as though it was hurt.

This is some of the great entertainment that we have here to offer here in Saint George, and I am glad grandma was here to see it. :-)

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Grandma is here!!!!

My mom made it here at about 1:15 today. I took her around town to show her my new building and new office. We went out to dinner at Applebee's and then went out to Tuachan and saw the live nativity and lights.

Unfortunately, I am now at work updating a file server so that I can have it ready for work Monday morning.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Grandma is coming!!

Tomorrow Grandma J is coming to visit us for Christmas! Taylor is really excited! We have been watching the weather and were worried about a storm today, but the weatherman says that it is weaking and shouldn't cause any problems.

Almost completely moved to my new office, however, my new desk isn't available until the 27th, so I will have to put my computer on the floor for now. That is ok, brand new carpet!!! I love my new office, even if it is smaller.

Tonya made some treats for my co-workers, I really appreciate her for that.

My camera is still in my old office, not exactly sure when I will get that moved.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Today I start

My new office is almost finished, so tonight I am starting to move stuff over. I hope I can get my neighbor to help! It will be nice to get into the new office, even though it is smaller than my current office. Hopefully it will only take me a couple of days to move. In other news, I am just about done with the setup for the first move to the new building, unfortunately, someone already messed up their computer. I am starting working on the new file server for my building, should hopefully have that done sometime next week.

I am pretty sure that I will not be able to leave for New Year's. Believe me, there is nothing I would rather do than go to Mesa and relax, but as it stands, I am already too far behind to even think about getting out of here.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

Winter Wonderland

Well, It happens once evey three years, and our three years were up, so of course, it is snowing down here in Sunny St. George. We have about a half-inch on the ground and it is still coming down. As I was driving in this morning, I did notice blue sky so the storm will probably be ending soon. Hopefully our new palm trees in front of the DWS Building make it. The last time we had this much snow down here, they cancelled school, good thing this happened on a Saturday!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2001

Chad's Birthday Party!

I wanted to thank Chad and Krissy for inviting us to Chad's party last night! We had a fun time. Chad turned 24 and he had all his friends over to help him celebrate. We got to eat birthday cake and pizza, and visit Aunt Anissa's and Anje's new apartment. It's fun to have some of my family so close. The girls had fun playing together...and even though I missed the end of the Amazing Race, I was glad we could celebrate with them.

Chad and Krissy are leaving on Saturday for their Honeymoon in California. He will be dropping off their computer on the way down so Scott can do a's part of his birthday present. Happy Birthday Chad! And Happy Honeymoon, too! Love you both...

Shaylie's Hand...

I guess Grmama J missed the story about Shay's hand. I posted it on Dec. 3rd so you could go to the archives and look it up, but it is easier to just tell you again.

Shaylie grabbed my curling iron while it was hot. I heard her rattling around in my bathroom and was on my way in to shoo her out when she started screaming. When I got there, I grabbed her up and ran her hand under cold water for a few minutes...but I could tell it wasn't helping. We took her down to the InstaCare on River Road and they hurried us in (because poor Shaylie was screaming so badly, I'm sure). They put some cream that seemed to relieve the pain and wrapped her little hand just like a mitten. They also gave her some pain killer and gave me a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine. She had a big bandage on her hand for a few days, even though she hated it and was trying to get it off almost every second.

Her hand is almost completely healed now, but it is still very red. I'm afraid it will be scarred for quite some time. I was just glad that she is too little to really remember the pain. I'm sure we'll be telling her the story for some time though too. I've learned my lesson too. My curling iron is hanging securely on the wall where, even if I forget to turn it off (which I don't), Shaylie can't pull it down anymore.

So that's that. Today is a very gray and gloomy day. It was sprinkling a little rain earlier, and they say that it may turn to snow later this evening. That would be fun. It won't stay around long though. The only good thing about the winter weather is that it really does make it feel more like Christmas! Only 11 days and counting....Can't wait.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Fall is in the air

Yesterday was the first day that leaves were falling from the trees en masse. It was pretty fun to run through all the leaves as I was walking home. People had their lawnmowers out mulching leaves and getting that last mow of the lawn in. The winter storms are here also, we had a couple of rain showers in the past week. All these signs point to one inescapable fact, Spring is only a month or so away!

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Now, I'm really all done...

I was done shopping a few days ago, but the packages just arrived in the mail yesterday. So I got everything wrapped and under the tree just waiting to be opened by their rightful owners. You know, I get so excited at Christmas time giving gifts to all the people that I love that I don't even think about gifts for myself. Luckily, I have people who love me too! I know I frustrate them because I don't give out ideas, but Scott has some good ideas about what I like and some I didn't know I wanted the great kitchen table and chairs that I had to approve of before he would even think about buying it. Whatever I get, I will be happy. I just love to be with my family and see their faces as they open their gifts. It is so much fun! I can't wait....

Anyway, Shaylie is still struggling with this cold....her cough is getting pretty bad and she always has a runny nose. I tried to call the doctor today to get her an appointment but no one answered the phone...isn't that weird? I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully, someone will actually be there.

Taylor is still doing really well in school. Every day she brings home the work she does and we hang it on the fridge. The previous days work goes in the box in the cupboard. We have been talking about how important it is to do her BEST work, so she has been hanging the things she thinks are the best on the fridge too. It is fun to see her enjoying school so much. I hope she always does.

One last little note, Shaylie's latest word is Thank You. It sounds more like Ank Oooo when she says it but it is so cute. Whenever we hand her something that she wanted, she says it. I get a big kick out of it everytime! Her other words are Mommy (of course), Daddy, Hi, Bye, Thank You and I think she is saying Please sometimes but it's hard to tell. I'm sure she has other words that I just haven't picked up yet since she is always talking, but time will tell. She sure is cute, I just wish she felt better, poor baby.

Well, I've prattled on long enough. Love to everyone. Hope your holidays are going well!

Monday, December 10, 2001

Tonya's done, I'm starting

Tonya may have finished her shopping, but I am just starting. Went around town this weekend seeing what stuff was nice and what she liked (she always knows exactly what she is getting, since I always ask her if she likes it). Took Taylor to my new building and explained to her how computer networks work. I don't know what is scarier, the fact that I was teaching her basic networking, or the fact that she understood what I was saying. She was asking me questions that made me sure that she knew what I was telling her. In the end she told, "It seems like it is really hard to network computers, you must be really smart." I have to agree with her :-)

Shaylie's hand still looks pretty bad, although it doesn't seem to bother her anymore. She was sick this weekend and had the sniffles. She walks around with her toy cell phone saying "Hello", really cute. She still likes to pull out the presents from under the tree, but she is getting better at not doing it.

My new building is completely gutted. They are painting this week and laying carpet next week, so I hope I can start moving stuff over next friday. Looks like Health Department is not moving until the 11th of January, so hopefully no more moves until January 3rd. We'll see.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Shopping is done!

Yea! My Christmas shopping is done, with the minor exception of some last minute items....Scott is very glad. He cringes every time I go out the door, check book in hand! Anyway, it has been fun. I ordered the bulk of it on-line so I have yet to see some things. I'll be glad to have everything wrapped and under the tree!

Sad news though...Scott says that with all the moves and everything, he may not be able to come to Arizona for New Years'...I am very disappointed but still holding on to some hope. Who knows what could happen, right?

Anyway, we are still excited about Grandma J coming. Taylor is counting down the days until Christmas. She is begging me everyday to let her open some presents. But no luck. I'm such a meanie.

Happy Holidays....

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Starting to get back to normal

Today is the first day that I am not going to the new building to start off the day. Yesterday I added all the tweaks to my new server and it seems to be running great. I am knocking on wood as I am saying that. Soon I have to start on my new building's server. Fortunately, I have not had any problems at home with my new computer, so that has been nice. It has also been great communicating with everyone on Yahoo, it is fun to talk to people on the computer. Shaylie and Taylor are very excited for Christmas, Shaylie sits at the tree playing with the presents.

We are going to decorate the house this weekend. It is the lastest in the year that I have ever done it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001


I finally got the email working at the new building so now things will slow down a little. No more long hour days. I worked 16 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday and 10-12 hours the rest of the days. The only consolation is that my paycheck should be huge! That will be nice right before Christmas. Felt like I had to reintroduce myself to my family. I still have the training room to set up, but I am going to do that at a more leisurely pace. Still a lot of work to do though....

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Yee haw!

I did great at WW this week, but you'll have to visit the forums to find out how great!

We got to see Scott last night at last!! It was so good to have our family together again for a little bit. We had dinner then tucked Scott in about 7 pm. He slept the whole night! Poor guy...he's been working so hard for us!

I also got busy wrapping up some Christmas presents last night after the girls went to bed. Taylor noticed first thing this morning! What a cutie! Bobbie called while I was wrapping and we chatted for a bit...She and Tiff are doing well on WW too! It is good to have a friend to share it with! I just wish Anissa would join with me!

Also, talked with Dad the other night! He has some job interviews this week! I hope everything works out for him. We are excited to visit over the holidays! Both with Dad, and with Rose who is coming for Christmas. Dad wanted to know if we wanted to re-instate Christmas 2 at his house and I said yes! Who wouldn't want to have two christmases? It is a fun tradition! Plus it saves postage! If the other kids say yes then we'll do it!

Hope you are all having a fun holiday season! Get that shopping done! Time is running out!
Love to everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2001

We are here...

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. It's been pretty crazy around here. Scott has been gone a lot with the move to the new building so it's left us a little lonely and busy at home. He has been working long hours trying to get ready for today! He got home after midnight last night and took off before I woke up this morning. I hope everything is going okay! We haven't talked much so I don't know how it's all working out. If you read this Scott, we love you and we miss you! Come home soon!

We had to take Shaylie to the InstaCare on Saturday night! She grabbed my curling iron and burned her hand pretty badly! I ran some cold water over it for a minute then we ran down to the InstaCare. Shaylie was screaming very loudly so they got us in right away. She is fine now, but she does have some BIG blisters on her right hand and fingers. The doctor called us the next morning to see how she was doing, I was glad for that...We just have to watch for infection now, if the blisters break. My poor baby! She'll have a scar on her hand, and I think I'll have one on my heart...

We are trying our best to get ready for the holidays...We are usually the first ones on the street to have our Christmas lights fact I always have to hold Scott off until after Thanksgiving, but this year he has been so busy that we haven't even had a chance. We do have our tree and stockings up, but nothing outside. Hopefully, it will slow down so Scott has a chance to breathe...then I can put him to work. :)

I finally had my shot. It was not fun! But it seems to be helping a little, although now I feel more achy up by my shoulders. (If it's not one thing....) I may need to have up to two more every two weeks if they don't completely relieve the pain. If nothing helps, I may need surgery...but I pray not.

Hope everyone else is doing a note and let us know. LOve you all!