Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taylor at Camp

Just found out that while Taylor was at camp, the camp had a blog, here is a picture from the blog:
Taylor in the Canoe

Friday, July 28, 2006

Heading Up North...again!

I can't wait to see Taylor so I've decided to cut my Mom Vacation short by one day and come up with Scott tonight to pick her up in the morning.  I had originally planned just to send Scott to pick her up since I am singing in church on Sunday and I have a primary lesson to prepare but I've decided that I have to go and see her tent and meet her friends and just welcome her home in general...I can't believe what a worry-wart I've been over this whole thing...I was so relieved to get her letter on Thursday that I can't even tell you.  I now can't wait to see her in person and get the whole scoop on camp.

Shaylie wants to come with us too! That will be fun since it is likely that she will be heading up to camp with me next summer.  We're thinking of taking the whole family to a camp next year.  SHaylie has been having fun at Grandma's....I've only had a couple of phone calls saying that she is homesick, but hearing my voice seems to be enough to snap her out of it.  I've been doing a bunch of shopping for her birthday party, which is coming up so soon.  She'll be surprised to see all of her decorations and stuff....but I'll never hear the end of her asking "is it my birthday yet?' She is so cute.

I've enjoyed my few days without children.  I've been able to read, watch dvds, catch a movie, go to lunch with Scott and just enjoy the absence of friends and general chaos.  But, I will be glad to have my family back together again.  I'm sure the time will come all too soon, when I will wish for the chaos of the girls' younger days.  Having these short times away from them really makes me appreciate them more when they are here.  I am missing them a lot. 

So, I'm sure we'll have a post soon filled with all the camp & birthday & school happenings.  Love to everyone...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I got a letter from Taylor!  She says camp is awesome! She has four girls in her tent...Peek-a-Boo (Taylor), Tigger, Bugs, and Yoda. She told us about a Polar Bear Dip(?) which was very cold and her swim test.  It sounds like she is having a lot of fun.  She also mailed me a necklace from the camp store, I don't know why.  It didn't come through the mail very well, but it did make it through.  I was very anxious & excited to hear from her...It is so great to know she is having such a good time.  I knew she would but I was still worried.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Mom Vacation has begun!

We took Taylor up on Sunday to Girl Scout Camp! That was a fun day.  We took our time going up and stopped at a few different places along the way.  Taylor was a bit anxious earlier in the day, but by the time we got there, and she saw the familiar campsite and we reminisced a bit about our Mom and Me camps and showed Dad around the place, she was good to go. 

Our poor little van almost didn't make the trip up the mountain.  I didn't think we'd have any trouble but it was groaning on the way up and I almost melted the brakes on the way down.  Since our experience last year, I was watching the brakes very carefully though and we didn't do any harm.  Just had to stop for a few minutes to let them cool down a bit.  We may have to borrow Grandpa's truck to pick her up. 

We spent the 24th at Holden. They always have a big fun celebration at the park. After that, and some visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Heath, Scott and I took off for home.  Shaylie is spending the week at Grandma Dawn's.  She was a little homesick last night, but she called me up and is doing fine.

So, I'm on my own today.  The house is very quiet, Scott is at work and I'm enjoying a little kid-free time.  I'm sure I won't stop worrying that Taylor is having a good time, or that Shaylie is happy and not driving anyone too crazy, but it is nice to have a little time to relax and regroup....especially right before school starts.

When I hear anything new about either of the girls...I will post again.  Taylor is planning to write to me, so I am looking forward to getting a letter or two before Friday.  Love to again soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Birthday Update

Chad must have been pretty psychic when he visited mom's house and let me play with his new guitar.  The whole time I was tuning and playing the few chords I know, I was thinking how I wish that I still had my guitar and that I could still learn how to play.  I was thinking it was an AWESOME guitar and how cool it was! he opened up his trunk and shows me my present....his guitar! He said he hasn't touched it since he first got it and he saw how much fun I was having playing with it over the holiday, so he decided to give it to me.  I couldn't believe it at first....but he left here without it, so he must have been serious.  I feel kind of guilty taking it from him, but I do love it and I really have always wanted to learn how to play so now I have no more excuses.  So, thanks Chad...I love my present..I'll try to be able to play you a song soon!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday was my 36th birthday....sheesh, am I getting old or what? We had a fun weekend, Grandma Rose was down and Taylor had two swim meets, which she swam very well.  Scott decorated the house for me and bought me a chocolate cake.  We went out for lunch and dinner so I was treated to a Birthday Serenade at both La Fiesta and Cracker Barrel.  The girls gave me a plaque that says "Cuz I'm the MOM."...Very cute, and I got to spend some of my birthday money on cute decorations for my house at a fun craft store in Cedar City.  Thank you everybody for making my birthday so was great to hear from Dad too.  You guys always make me feel great!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Swim is ending...

Taylor only has this weekend's swim meets (Friday in Mesquite and Saturday in Cedar City) before the championships next week.  She has had such a blast this summer and it's been so much fun to watch her do well at something she loves.  It's made the summer fly by too, which is good.  Shaylie is also swimming quite well...she is sad that she doesn't get to swim everyday anymore.  I say that's fine, because her hair is turning very green from all the chlorine. 

Mom, Anissa and Anje are in California this week, actually heading home today, but I spoke with them yesterday while they were at the San Diego Zoo watching the baby Pandas.  They said they were having a great time.  They will be at the swim meet on Friday and so will Rose. Taylor will love showing off for her grandmothers.

My birthday is this weekend. I will be 36 years old. Ish.  Scott has taken me bike shopping and I think we will probably go buy one I like in the next few days. It felt weird riding a bike again since I haven't ridden one since we were first married.  It will be great to go on bike rides with the family. We just need to get Shaylie on hers before we can all go together.

Last week in July is Taylor's Girl Scout Camp. She is excited and a little anxious about going by herself. I know she'll have a blast.  I have already written her some letters so that she will get one each day.  I think she will do well there.  Shaylie is going to spend the week at Grandma Dawn's house.  She is looking forward to spending some time alone with Grandma.  I am just looking forward to a little break from kids, mine and the neighborhood. 

I hope all is going well where you all are.  It's been a while since anyone has checked in. We love hearing from you and we hope you are having a great summer too!  Love from the Jesienouski's.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Utah Railway 5004!

Utah Railway 5004

I have seen the Utah Railway MK50-3's several times in pictures on the internet, but tonight we were driving back from Orem and I noticed that there was a train going under I-15.  As I got closer I recognized the IPPX coal cars, and I got excited as I thought that "This could be a Utah Railway train!!"  I took the freeway off-ramp and pulled up to the railroad crossing.  At this point we were at car 143, it slowly went by and finally got to 191.  The crossing gates went up and raced down the road to catch up with the front of the train.  As I started getting closer, I saw the familar red stripe of Utah Railway engines and I drove alongside the train for about a half-mile, then Tonya told me to pull ahead so that I could get a picture, we found a turnout and pulled over and Anissa and I got out to take pictures.  I think the conductor saw me from when we were along side and when he saw us, he blew his horn, which scared Tonya and Anissa, I thought it was cool.  The conductor even waved as he went by!  It was so great!  There were four engines, 3 MK50-3's, and a SD50s.  It was getting pretty dark and we only had Tonya's cell phone for pictures, but still it was great fun.  As you can tell, I am in a very good mood ;-)