Friday, November 28, 2003

Lots to catch up, and Happy Thanksgiving

Once again, haven't written in a while, where to start.... Taylor is really enjoying Girl Scouts, I am glad that we got her in that, she has already earned her first award and has made a couple of things.

We went as a family to see "Brother Bear," we all felt that it was a good movie. The lady behind us really liked it, as she was all out crying at the ending. Her daughter kept getting her tissues.

There was a tragedy at Taylor's school this week. Taylor's art teacher's (btw art is her favorite subject) husband was killed in a robbery on Tuesday. Taylor was pretty upset, she came home and said that she had news, that art class was cancelled for a long time due to the teacher's husband being murdered.

On a much lighter note, Shaylie is getting ready for a dance recital. I hope she does well.

My computers for Cedar City have arrived, but the one's for St. George have not. We are getting nervous. My laptop also hasn't arrived, but that is because it was out of stock. It is what we get for picking that machine, everybody wants one!

Thanksgiving dinner was great, way to much food and deserts, and fun games. Tonya, as usual, won all the knowledge games, with Taylor cheering her on.

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. I am traveling up to Salt Lake on Tuesday, if the new carpet doesn't arrive.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I cooked!

I made egg noodles last night! It is one of my favorite meals from my childhood. I had mom on the phone the whole time so that I wouldn't screw them up :D They were a big hit, as they turned out very well! Taylor had thirds, which usually means they are good, and Tonya even said she liked them. Funny thing was after we got them cooking, Tonya found the recipe for them in her "Joy of Cooking" cookbook, although pretty much everything is in that book

As you can tell, since it is the day after we ate them, I didn't kill off the family, so they must have been ok. :cool:

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Taylor is Awesome!

We just got back from Taylor's school. We were attending the Storytelling Festival to watch Taylor tell her story: When The Rooster Crowed by Patricia Lillie. She was so awesome! I was really nervous for her but she got right up in front of the whole school (even 5th graders, said Taylor) and told it like a pro, actions and everything! There were only a few 2nd grade kids who did it in front of the school since they aren't allowed in the competition next week. Many of the 2nd graders opted to just tell the story in front of their own class, but our Taylor wanted to do it in front of everyone! She is so brave! Next year, she will have this good experience to help her in the competition! And frankly, I think she would have done well this year! I don't know why they don't allow it. Anywho, Scott and I are so proud of her (as if you can't tell). She is so much more brave than I was at her age I can't stand it. I wish everyone could have seen it. I have never wanted a video camera more! Oh well, someday. I will always remember this though! I was truly impressed with her poise and her courage! That was a scary experience and she came through it with bells on! Good job sweetie! :D :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Another Shaylie Mishap

Well, she did it again. This time the girls were playing in the backyard and Shaylie was sliding on the slide with a pole in her mouth. (I didn't know this, of course.) I heard this gurgly kind of scream and Shaylie came running in with blood dripping out of her mouth. I didn't know what had happened at first, but after a little patience and a lot of questions, I determined that the pole had cut underneath Shay's tongue. I debated about going to the doctor but then figured there wouldn't be much they could do about it anyway. She is all but healed today and this happened on Sunday (as usual).

I wanted to tell you, Rose, that quilts are great. It's what I prefer since they seem to hold up better, but if you find something that is cute in comforters that's okay too. I posted earlier in reply to your first question but you must have missed it. Sorry if I caused you to miss any good buys. :blush: I know you will get something wonderful.

I don't really have anything else to post. We are still very busy, and I'm sure it will only be getting busier as we head into the holidays. I am SOOOO excited to get my new carpet. The color is Seafoam green and I love it! We are inviting as many family members as can manage (especially the big manly men) to come help us with the operation since we'll have to move ALL our furniture out and we might paint the walls as well since it seems to be a good time with no carpet or furniture in the house. It will go pretty quick I think. I will let everyone know when I have the date scheduled for the installation. I'm going to try to do it over a weekend if possible, so it will be more convenient for everyone.

Our love to everyone! We'll post again soon! :)

Friday, November 7, 2003

Already November!

Times flies when you don't update your web site :) What to catch you up on? Taylor is taking a painting class from a lady in our ward. Her first project was a thanksgiving turkey. It is really cute. Shaylie is in a dance class. Tonya is really busy with PTA and Scouts, and I am about to get around 40 new computers at work. So basically, we are all really busy.

We are thinking about having Christmas here in St. George, the weather is normally better, and the family new year's party is sounding like it will be in Utah Valley, so we won't have to travel far for that. So mom, if it is ok with you to come down, let us know.

We are getting new carpeting!!!!! Boulevard had a GREAT sale (and 18 months no paying, gotta love that :D), so we are getting rid of our wrinkled, matted-down, messy, stained, so-dirty-you-don't-want-to-touch-it grey crapet, I mean carpet :P

P.S. I am hopefully getting a new laptop :cool: although if I get the one I want, laptop computer is an incorrect term. It would be better called a "transportable computer." The one I want is ten pounds and has a 17" screen.