Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shaylie's New Present

Almost one year to the day since Taylor jumped and ripped through the old trampoline pad, we finally got a new one!  We decided it would be a Shaylie present and she got to jump on it first.  We found a place that made different color pads, as we didn't want to have another plain black one. The puppies seemed to like it.

Shaylie was very happy with it and she has been out on it several times. Dad has been as well!  It is very nice to not have the big hole in the backyard anymore.  Thanks to Tonya and Taylor for going out and pulling all the weeds and cleaning up the garbage.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Team...Pine View High School!

Taylor has made the roster of the Pine View High School Girls' Soccer Team!!!!!!!!!!  She has been very nervous the past two days of tryouts and afterwards we sat under a tree waiting for the sign to go up on the door. Taylor got tired of being nervous and waiting, so she went to fill her water bottle.  Knowing that a watched pot never boils, we knew the sheet would be put up while she was gone, and we were right.  We watched as some very happy girls danced away and saw a few that were very sad.  We saw Taylor come out so Tonya and Taylor walked slowly to the door, I don't think Taylor wanted to look but when Tonya put her hand up to give a high five, I knew things were good.
Taylor wanted a picture, so I came over and snapped a very happy shot.  Now the adventure begins, practice every morning at 8:15 until school starts! PV's first game is August 13th here, however, for relatives up North, she has a game on August 14th at Pleasant Grove High School. The PV Soccer schedule is on the right hand side of The TechFamily page.