Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm in the running...

I did it.  I applied for the ETS job at Dixie College.  I turned my application in on Thursday and got a letter on Friday that said it may take up to three weeks to complete the process.  (It also told me that my app was missing a cover letter, but I am 100% positive that it was there.  I left several messages with the HR office but never heard back.  I think I'll take another cover letter by the office tomorrow just to be on the safe side.)  I am very excited.  More than I thought I would be.  I just want to get started.  In my mind, the hiring process is just a technicality...the job is already mine.  I will take it very hard if they take someone else.  :-(  

Shaylie and I are headed to camp this week.  I am excited to go with her...this is her first year and she is really looking forward to it.  I am worried about the weather though, the forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms.  We have a cabin though, so at least we'll sleep dry.  I'm looking forward to the cooler weather.  I'll just have to make sure to pack lots of layers and rain ponchos for us both.   I just hope we can make it to the waterfront at least once. 

When we get back, my next project is planning a birthday party for Shay.  I haven't even thought of it yet.  I usually have everything all ready to go by now, but this summer has been so crazy.  Shay hasn't been very helpful either, she usually has a theme picked out by the previous birthday, but not this year.  Poodles.  She did say something about poodles.  I'll have to think of something. 

Then school starts.  This summer has gone by so quickly.  Taylor is getting nervous.  She went to the mall the other day with her friend, Shaylee, and came home with the cutest school bag and outfit.  I was impressed with her shopping ability.  She is really concerned with the newness of it all.  She'll be fine once she knows what to expect.   Her registration day is on the 8th of August...I'm hoping we can tour the school and see where all her classes are so at least that isn't a big mystery.  I remember so well.

Scott is doing some work on his train room.  He's got a door that needs to be installed and he's going to put in a ceiling fan for cooling.  Our plan is to get a/c to that room somehow so that he can work out there comfortably and I can have some food storage.  I told him that I want his trains to be able to fetch my canned goods and rail them into the kitchen by remote control.  I shouldn't have said that though, because I immediately started seeing the wheels start turning in his brain.  Oops. My bad.

Well, wish us luck with everything.  I will post again with more info...Love.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Great Picture!

I was going through my camera's memory card and found this picture. I think it says it all.

Taylor’s new hair style

Friday, July 27, 2007

Taylor through the years

Every time we go to lagoon, we take pictures in front of the signpost, so here are Taylor's pictures through the years (of course you can click the picture to enlarge it)

Taylor at Lagoon through the years.

Update to the Pictures Page!

We have added new pictures to our photos page.  Click the Our Photos link above to check them out!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unexpected Night Out

Taylor had her friends Kaitlan and Shaylee over today and after playing for a few hours I took Shaylee home and headed to Kaitlan's. When we got to the Terry's, the girls talked Julie into keeping them for a both my girls were gone this evening.  Naturally, Scott and I headed out on the town.  We went to see Live Free or Die Hard (?). It was pretty good.  I'm going to have to repay Julie somehow.  This is the second time she and her husband have given us a night off.  They are good friends!  And the girls love staying over together...we're all grateful for the fun night!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today will be a day long remembered in the Jesienouski family. We have always enjoyed the 24th in Holden, but this one was extra special.  For me it started with a twenty mile bike ride to Fillmore and back.  There was going to be a 20 mile bike ride with the town, but their's was at 7:00 at night and I knew that we would be home, so I did it on my own.  I got back in time to shower and head up to the town parade. 

 Shaylie in the parade  Taylor in the parade

Shaylie was walking in the parade with a sign and Taylor was riding her scooter around her float.

 After the parade, I raced over to the breakfast and was able to get an omelet very early (the line usually takes FOREVER), so then we all ate before the activities.

Shaylie winning her race

Next were the age group races, and guess what!?  As you can see in the picture, Shaylie WON HER RACE!

 Hope it doesn’t blow up!

Next up was the bottle rocket competition. Shaylie got her rocket and got in line and had it filled with water.  Most of the kids rockets where just decorated and only flew up about 100 feet.  When Shaylie got up to hand her's to the launcher, I heard a guy say, look at the fins on that one.  We were just hoping that it wouldn't blow up, as it was made out of file folders and didn't know if it would stand up. Then it launched and it kept going up and up and up and up.  The crowd was getting louder and louder the higher it went, till everyone was cheering loudly. Shaylie was jumping up and down, I was jumping up and down and the rocket went to a height of 214 feet!  And that height stood until the very last rocket, who was done by the family that wins the contest every year.  Unfortunately, that one reached 224 feet, but still everyone cheered for Shaylie's the loudest because noone expected it (including us)

The High Flyer…. a bit damaged from re-entry and landing

It was damaged after the flight, but we were so happy we didn't care, everyone came over and asked us how we built it. Shaylie was sad that she didn't win, until she found out they had age divisions and obviously she won her 2-11 age group

 The Trophy

It was a very happy day and the Jesienouski's were very happy with the construction. Shaylie picked out and decorated the bottle, Scott cut out the fins and cone, and Taylor taped and found the rock for the weight.  It was a happy time for all.

 Team Jesienouski

Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're done!

What a Day! It started very early in the morning standing in line with Anissa and Tonya (we left the girls a note and a cellphone if they woke up) waiting to get the book.  We also got me an HO Scale Tony Stewart Race car for my layout. When we got home, Tonya read a couple of chapters while I went to bed.  This morning I went and painted some stuff for my train set.  Tonya read much of the morning.  I could wait so I got my own and started reading. Tonya and I spent the day reading and have finished the last book of Harry Potter and we are letting out the big secret! Darth Vader is Luke's father.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to School...

I may be going back to work!  I saw a job posting yesterday that I am going to apply for, so nothing is in anyway decided yet.  It is very similiar to my old job at Snow Canyon, but I would be working for Dixie State College in one of the high schools as the Educational Talent Search advisor.  My job would be to work with students who would be first-generation college students to find scholarships, work on study skills, apply for entrance...that sort of thing.  It's a full-time job and it has great benefits, not the least of which is that I would be on the same schedule as the girls including summers off.  I never had that at DWS. 

I called one of my old friends from SCHS who is now a counselor at Dixie High and it turns out that the job is at her school.  She was very excited that I am applying and told me all about the office and people there.  I am only sad that my other good friend Roberta is not going to be working in that office anymore...she has worked there for the past 15 years or more...and this is the first year that she will not be in the schools.  Bummer! 

This would be a major life change, but since the girls are in school full time now, I think we can work it out so that Taylor will only be alone for about one hour after school...and then only on days when Scott is not able to come home at his usual time.  Depending on when I would have to be there in the morning, I will have to find someone to take Shay for a little bit before school and drive her there when it's time.  One of my neighbors should be able to help me out....if I get the job that is.

 I have many mixed emotions about it all.  But I think it may be just the thing.  I will let you know more as soon as I do.  I have my application ready to go in, except for some letters of recommendation which I have requested from some of my old co-workers.  Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Power Out!

Our power was out for about 4 hours yesterday evening.  I had been cleaning all day and was just about to finish vacuuming when ZAP...everything went dark....well, less bright anyway.  We spent the time marvelling at how quiet everything was....playing games, reading, and watching the lightning.  It began raining & blowing pretty hard after about two hours, so we went out onto the porch to enjoy it.  Most of our neighbors were out too.  One brought me the yummiest tomatoes from her garden! At about 9:00, we saw the streetlight start to come back on so we knew our adventure was over.  It never did get too hot in the house, though the news made it sound like we were all running for cover.  Albeit, a swimming pool would have come in handy, but probably not very practical with the wild weather that was going on.  We enjoyed the no-tech time and it was interesting to see how unprepared we were had it gone on much longer.  We'll have to work on that.  Anyway,  all's well that ends well.  Love to everyone!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am old.  But I'm not complaining.  I feel very blessed to have the wonderful life that I do.  I am very grateful for my family and the way they have spoiled me this year.  My mom and Anissa have been visiting, taking me shopping and buying me cheesecake; the kids and Scott have been great to me as they always are.  Rose sent me a beautiful card and gift and Dad and Pam sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  I am very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Thanks to you all for making me feel so special on my birthday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For my hubby...

Scott asked me to come up with a list of things I might want for my birthday. So here's my wishlist, bar nothing:

  • Nice perfume

  • Gift card to amazon or (or any bookstore)

  • Nintendo DS & brain games

  • super-duper blowdryer (ask mom)

  • home decor (americana, tuscan)

Just remember my criteria for a really great gift: 1) it has to be something I really want; 2) it is probably something I wouldn't get for myself; and 3) it should be a surprise. 

I'm sure that I'll love anything that you and the girls come up with...including my new headlights.  Love you!

New Haircut

Forgot to mention a very important thing that happened over the weekend.  In my quest to find a ever cheaper way to get a haircut, Taylor is now my barber!  She cut my hair under Dawn's watchful eye and she did a great job!

Monday, July 9, 2007

We're back...

We made it back.  It was fortunate we left when we did (5:55am) as we were getting to Parowan, we got a call that they had reclosed the freeway from I-70 to Beaver, so we lucked out on that one.  Back to work, what fun.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Trapped in Holden

For the second straight day, a fire has closed I-15.  We were to Kanosh when we were called and told that they just shut down I-15 from I-70 to Beaver.  So we turned around and headed back to Holden.  Hopefully, we will get home before work starts on Monday.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It was awesome

I just got home from Girl Scout camp and we had 12 girls: Roo, Bug, Red, Peek-a-Boo (Me), Helena, Olivia, Spider Woman, Sarina, Tinker Bell, Wolf Dancer, Eagle, Skittles. I made friends with everyone, but my faves were well, Sarina, Spider Woman, & Eagle. I loved the water front. It was awesome! We did everything except wind surfing--the group before us broke them so we didn't wind surf and we went to a beautful meadow for our over night hike, but boy, was it windy. Our tent would zip in the windows & doors, so we woke up. There was thousands of those bugs that suck your blood but on the second day you know one, two, I woke up with that bug bite by my eye and I could not open it (repeat: COULD NOT OPEN IT). You can see that on my pictures and that was when it cooled down a lot! We rock climbed everyday but Thursday. We had an awesome time!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Taylor's Girl Scout Trip

Taylor took a digital camera with her on her girl scout campout trip this year.  Here are the pictures:

Be warned, there are A LOT of pictures.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

31 Miles....and other stuff

Today I took the longest bike ride of my adult life (I may have gone farther in high school, but we didn't measure the length back then) . I went 31 miles throughout the town.  It took me a little over 2 hours (from 2:15-4:25pm) so admittedly I am not fast but it is a good distance.

My sound devices finally came for my train, so now I can be noisy in my train room.  I can make the sounds of trains, plus some sounds of cities and towns.  The N Scale club layout is now long enough that I can run 7 trains on it at one time (3 on the outside track, 4 on the inside)  someday I need to put a video on YouTube so you can all see it.

After working 55 hours last week, it is going to be weird to only work 2 days.   I got everyone moved into the building, got the cubes built, and now I need to clean up all the older computers, I have lots of work ahead.  E ya later....