Thursday, July 31, 2003

The trip review

I have been very busy at work lately so that is why I haven't put up our updates yet, I needed to get the pictures on before I wrote again. Well, I have finally got the photos up, so first of all, go check them out.

We had a great trip, We went to Idaho for a week to stay with Tonya's Dad and spent a week in Salt Lake with my mom. It was a fun relaxing time. Tonya does a better job describing things, so I will let her.

Still don't have the team pictures yet. Next year, I will have Mike do them, and not do the official pictures, as he did a better (and much faster) job.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Week in Review

Here we are, falling behind in our updates, again. We had a good 4th. We went to the park in the morning and did some of the fun activities. Taylor and Shaylie both road ponies at the park. They both loved it. They both slid down the water ramp that they had at the park. They also did a lot of the city games, like shooting basketballs, which Taylor did really good on. They also did throw the beanbag through the holes, which both girls did really well. Shaylie even did good on ring toss, where you had to throw a ring onto orange cones, where lots of kids a little older than her were not hitting anything. Taylor also went to the dunking booth and got dunked a couple of times. When it got a little warmer, we went home and played in the pool. Later, Tonya barbequed chicken and she and taylor made potato salad.
We went to the park about 8:00. we sat in the north part of the park, we usually sat in the south part. Tonya, Taylor and Shaylie went to ride the little train and finish off all the slides that they hadn't ridden yet, while I watched our stuff. Taylor and I then played catch for a little while. When the fireworks started, we found that sitting in the north part of the park gave us the feeling that we were under the fireworks. It was a rather short show, so we were a little disappointed, but it was a very fun day.

The family has been working all week on cleaning up the house before our big trip while I was in Cedar City installing a new file server.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003


We just got back from an emergency trip to the doctor, but don't worry all is well.

Shaylie, Taylor and friend Misty were out back swimming when Shaylie tried to get out of the pool by herself, but the pool flipped her out onto the cement and she got a big old black and blue gooseegg on the side of her head. I took her into the Doctor to make sure she wasn't concussed or bleeding in her brain, which she wasn't. Thank Goodness!

While we were gone, Misty and Taylor were at Misty's house wrapping presents and making Get Well Cards for her, plus the Doctor gave her a bracelet for being good at the office. So, after all was said and done, Shaylie made out pretty well.

I, on the other hand, was baking lemon bar cookies when the emergency came on, and we rushed out of the house without a thought for turning off the stove. When we got back the oven was beeping and my cookies were burned to a big black crisp. We were lucky that we can't say the same about the house, I suppose. So much for Relief Society treats tonight!

Well, we are leaving for Cedar today to help my sister move into her new ground floor apartment. She needs some help moving the bigger stuff so my brother and husband were volunteered to be the muscle. It's good Karma! We are happy to help!

Happy July!

Out and About

Lasty night, we went to Sand Hollow Reservoir. It is a new reservoir about 15 minutes away from St. George. It is a great place to go swimming. To one side of of, there are a lot of big rocks to climb around on and swim around. Then there are two BIG rock out a little ways that you can swim to. The lake is deep enough that people where jumping off of the largest rock. I swam out to the littler one but did not jump off of it. Taylor swam around a little, but we did not bring any stuff, so Shaylie just got to wade a little ways in. We are going to to have to go back and spend more time there!