Sunday, October 27, 2002

Best week of the year

I always love the week after daylight savings. It feels like I am sleeping in even though I am getting up at 5:40. I am pretty happy this week.

Taylor got all her spelling words right this past week. She is now at level 7 reading and only needs to be to 10 by the end of the quarter, she is doin great.

Shaylie is doing well. Tonya bought her a bunch of pizza's, as that is the only food she seems to eat, other than cereal.

Tonya's spider has bit the dust, rain and morning frost have made the legs shrival up.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

What a start to the week!

I drove to Salt Lake City for a one hour meeting that was held on Monday. The governor's chief-of-staff brought along several people to try and explain to us why the things that the State CIO that were wrong weren't so bad, in fact, we should be thankful that he was able to get the people that he did. As per typical politcs, it was a load of crap. Then the CIO got up and apologized for us being mad at him, I loved that, must of been a slip, but right after he apologized, he stuck his tongue in his cheek. In the end, people asked questions and did not get good answers. All I can say is, at least I get travel reimbursement for it.

In better news, Taylor and I went to a fair at the Mall parking lot on Saturday, we stayed for about seven hours. She rode everything at least 5 times. One nice ride operator let me ride with Taylor on the Ferris Wheel. Then we ate at a chinese place, which is our favorite food.

Just for information, Taylor's spelling words this week are: be, red, ride, night, friend.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Salt Lake here I come....again

Governor Leavitt has decided that all LAN administrators need to go to Salt Lake for a meetng on Monday, so I will be driving up to Salt Lake on Sunday.Have to be back to work on Tuesday, so this is going to be a very quick trip.

Taylor got her report card, she had very good grades.

Tonya made a huge spider for the front yard.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Back to regular work

Yesterday was a state holiday. I however worked because that would allow me the time to update the public access computers. I changed out 21 computers yesterday. Tonya and Taylor scrubbed the kitchen floor to clean out the lines. They did a good job.

We all went to the Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas on Sunday. Mike and Erin were up there, so it was nice to see relatives.

Taylor has had a five-day weekend. Friday was the end of the quarter, so she didn't have school. Monday and Tuesday are the UEA convention, so she has had a lot of free time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002


I am working in Cedar City today, as I normally do on Wednesday's. Taylor last night did a great job reading, she brings home books every night that are of advancing difficulty. Last night she got through a level six book and did a great job. We also studied spelling words and she was able to handle them well.

Shaylie is getting more and more understandable. It is really fun to watch her play with Taylor.

Tonya's back is still hurting. She had been getting better, but she unfortunately one night wasn't thinking and lifted up Taylor. Her back has hurt since.

Hockey season starts tonight. With the Diamondbacks out in baseball, it is back to cheering for the Avs and Coyotes (and of course the Grizzlies)

Saturday, October 5, 2002

D-Backs gone

The Diamondsbacks were elinimated tonight. There is great sadness in my life.

Yankees Dead!

So far this year the baseball playoffs have not been fun to watch. Randy Johnson getting shelled, Curt Shilling getting no run support. But the best thing that can happen other than the D-Backs winning everything has occurred, the New York Yankees are elinimated in the first round!!!!!!!!!!! This makes anything that happens with the D-Backs ok.