Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back on the Swim Team!

Good news!  I talked to Taylor's swim team coach over the weekend and she felt like it would be worthwhile for Taylor to come to practices even though she is in a sling still.  Today was the first practice and Tay did okay.  She was not her usual graceful self in the water but she did very well considering she only had one arm.  I think it might help her just to be there and hear the instruction and, for sure, to exercise.  She is very determined and I think her coaches were impressed.

We had a fun weekend in Holden.  We helped Grandma and Grandpa Heath clean out there garage so that there would be less stuff on the floor to trip on.  Grandpa's workbench and hardware all got organized and put away.  It was big work (especially since the cousin's didn't show) but it was a fun time and worth it, because now Grandpa can spend more time puttering out in the garage.  Bobbie and Tiffany and Misty were all down visiting too, so we got to spend some time chatting with them and also with Polly.  We went up to the cemetary and put flowers on all the ancestors graves. Taylor spent a good part of the day four-wheeling.  She and Jordan (Tiffany's little girl) went out by themselves and ran out of gas, so I had to do a rescue mission. She wasn't even supposed to be riding but she loves those four-wheelers and she is very stubborn when she determines to do something...as most of you readers know.  All was well and our trip home was super quiet and uneventful as the girls slept the whole way home.

Today I am watching Bella for Chad. Krissy was supposed to bring her at 6:00 this morning so I dragged my tired self out of bed about 6:10 when Scott left for work.  I dozed in the recliner while I was waiting, but Krissy hadn't brought her by 7:00 so I gave Chad a call.  When Krissy & Bella showed at 7:30, she said Bella couldn't wake up and she didn't know why Chad told me 6:00....but he told me that she said she needed to be into work early this morning. I guess she was confused.  Anyway, the girls are all having tons of fun....but I could sure use a nap! Not much chance of it with all the screaming going on....

Hope everyone is having a great start to the summer.  That's all from our little corner of the world.  More updates later.  Love to all....

Friday, May 26, 2006


Took Taylor to the doctor yesterday and he says she pulled her triceps muscle and has a pretty deep bruise. I was so glad nothing was torn but he told her no swimming for three weeks...which means no swim team.  She was very sad and cried all through lunch at Applebee's.  I think she is feeling better now, but we are all very disappointed.  I know she would have done so well.  But this does free up a lot of time for other summer fun!  And she can always do swim team next year, I guess.

This weekend, we are travelling to Mom's for Memorial Day.  Anissa has recruited a bunch of the cousins to go work on Grandma and Grandpa Heath's garage because they (and by they, I mean Grandpa) keep tripping over stuff.  It should be a big job, but many hands make light work...so hopefully we'll be done in no time. 

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, I am watching Bella for Chad.  Depending on what time we get home Monday, I may have her Monday night too.  This will be fun, she is such a cutie! 

Nothing much else going on....we'll keep you posted as the summer flies by.  Hope to hear from you all soon! Much Love!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shaylie's Graduation Day


Today is Shaylie's last day of school.  We are going to a program and graduation at 2:30 today.  I am very proud of my little girl. She is reading at a mid-1st grade level and Mrs. Sewell said she flew through the end of level tests.  I know she is going to do great in First grade.  She is excited to go to the new school, now that we have had a tour and taken some of the mystery out of it.  I'm sure the summer will go by fast.

Taylor hurt her arm yesterday either during or after her school swim party.  She said she heard a pop in her arm and there is a bruise and a dent in the muscle of her arm.  I fear that she tore something, which may mean that she won't be able to do swim team.  I hate to take her to the Doctor but we may have to for this just to make sure she can still do her activities.  If she can't, there will be some serious disappointment for all of us around here.  We'll see.

Scott just signed and sent in his papers this week for his new job with the Department of Technology Services (DTS), or dits, as Scott calls them.  This means a big pay raise for us, but he can also be fired on the spot now. No job security as far as we can tell....we'll see how it goes.  I think it all kicks in on July 1.  He is also serving on a committee with some big wigs from up north to upgrade some service or equipment or protocol or something....I think it is a good sign for him.  Of course, he's brilliant...they must know that by now.

I am looking forward to summer. I've got some projects I want to work on including editing Grandpa Heath's life story. He gave me some disks a year or so ago and asked me to work on them, get them burned to CD, but I haven't been able to until now. I am excited to read it and get it preserved.  I also want to get busy writing.  I need to get into the habit so that next year when the girls are off at school I can have some really good quality time "working on my craft." Hee hee.  I also have to do some painting, because Scott won't let me buy any art for my house. He says why should we pay for someone elses artwork when you could do it better.  Isn't he awesome? Even if it isn't necessarily true...you gotta love that.  I think I'm going to keep him for always. 

So, as usual, I am rambling.  I will get on to the day.  I am hoping to take some pictures of the house and post them since I am having no luck getting anyone to come and visit.  Now that the weather's turning hot, I'll have to wait until fall probably....not to take pictures but to entice people here.  I'll try to get the pictures posted whether it is hot or not.  **Love to all--The Jesienouski's

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Finished for the year...

Yay! I am done with the school year. And what a crazy last day it was. Everything that could go wrong with the computer lab did. Computers crashing, internet down, printer died...you name it.  I spent most of the day following the tech guy around the school complaining.  I'm sure he'll be thrilled that I am no longer there.

The girls still have about 3 days left.  Mostly fun, end-of-year stuff: swim days, graduations, and yearbook signings.  Then summer will be full on busy.  We are planning around swim team and lessons now, but we have managed to find time for a few other fun things...the first being a trip to Lagoon in June.  I still have to make reservations at the RV park, but we are planning to camp a couple nights so we don't have to rush up and back.  Maybe we'll get to see some family while we are up in the north country.

Tonight is our Ward BBQ/Block party that is being held at our house.  I hope it all goes well. We are not in charge, we've just volunteered our place for the party site. It feels weird that there are going to be a ton of people here and I don't really know what is going on.  I'm sure the people in power know what they're doing.

Well, Scott is making some big noise down in the train room.  I better go see what the latest project is.  Love to all and hope to hear from you all soon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Last Week!

This is my last week at school.  Shaylie is off this week, so yesterday she went to her friend Rebecca's house (Thank you Rosie!) And today she is with me here at school.  I'm sure we have enough stuff to keep her busy for today, but I'm pretty sure she'll be bored before long if she comes any more days.  Tomorrow, I am watching Bella too...but I don't think Bella will stay at school very long with me.  I was already planning on taking the last hour of the day to go to Shaylie's Post-assessment with Mrs. Sewell. 

Shaylie is sad to have school end.  She wants to go to first grade tomorrow and is having a hard time understanding the concept of Summer Break.  I'm sure she'll get it soon.  I still haven't signed her up for swiim lessons, so I need to do that...I've been so busy it seems.

Today, we had the exterminator out to the house to get rid of a nest of BEES we had living in a pipe in our house. Or at least we thought it was in the pipe, it turns out that it is actually in between the stucco and the framing, I guess.  He has sprayed (and charged me a huge price) and said let's watch and see what happens.  He mentioned peeling away the stucco but I am avoiding that if at all possible.  I suggested that we just put some kind of smaller screen over the exhaust pipe where they are getting in...if there is no reason why we can't just leave the nest in there.  I just don't want the bees coming and going.  He thought it might be worth a try, but he'll probably charge me another arm for doing it.  I could have done all this myself...Grrr.  Oh well...I guess I didn't have the Bee Suit, so that is worth something.

I, myself, am looking forward to summer.  As always, it will be a challenge to keep the girls busy but it is always a fun time to spend together.  We usually plan out some projects at the beginning and this year the girls will have swim to look forward to as well.  We also want to plan some fun activities with our friends and their families.

We hope everyone is doing well.  We love to hear from you....both on your Blogs and on ours.  Keep us posted....and keep posting.  Talk to you again soon.

Monday, May 15, 2006


My friend James and I went Railfanning over the weekend. We drove up to Thistle, because I had never seen the mudslide and I wanted to see the tunnels as I am going to have tunnels on my train, when we got there, we took some pictures of the area and as luck would have it, a train showed up! That was only one of about 50 pictures I took in the course of a few minutes!

Friday, May 12, 2006

New Pictures!

I have uploaded new pictures to our photo page.
Taylor in Bed
Shaylie in Bed

No Trucks!

No Trucks
I took this picture at Shaylie's last soccer game, I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Summer's A-comin'!

We are SO ready for summer at the Jesienouski house.  The girls are finishing up end of level testing and we are gearing up for the warm weather.  We just got our pool set up and bought new suits and pool toys.  I am heading to the local swimming pools this weekend to sign Taylor up for Swim Team and Shaylie for swimming lessons.  It's a big committment for Tay, 4 days a week with meets on Saturdays (some Thursdays) but she is ready for it.  Shaylie really needs to get her swim on...she still doesn't go in the pool without floaties and it's about time she learns, so we may sign her up for a couple sessions this summer.  Scott has his floaty out in the pool so he can cool off after hot bike rides and I have my new cute (easy) summer hair.  So, what more can we need?  The only think I can think of is some visitors....we would love to have family come visit us...Dad, Pam, Rose, Mike, Erin, Bry, Dena....Are you reading this?  We still have to show off our new house...plenty of room...air conditioning working....pool in the yard.  I can't think of any reasons not to come. :-)

Anywho, we are going to have a busy and fun-filled summer.  Hopefully, there will be some time for getting out of the heat for us too, but we'll have to do some planning.  We will keep you all posted as the days go by.  Love to all.

Monday, May 1, 2006

We're Back Online!

Yay! We now have Internet at our house again!  What a relief...you never realize how much you depend on something until it isn't there anymore....wait, should I have said that in Spanish? Oh well.  We are so glad to be back in the CyberCommunity.  We have been having tons of fun settling into our new place, getting to know new neighbors, and getting ready for the winding down of the school year.  Scott has almost completed the first phase of his first real train layout and he is having a great time.  Taylor had a wonderful birthday party.  She and her friends all had a raucous, sleepless night followed by soccer games and canyon hiking the next day.  They all survived, though they were mighty tired.  Shaylie is still asking if we can move back to our old house, as she misses all her old playmates.  She is finding new ones here though, so I don't imagine it will take long to forget all about the old place.  I am having fun decorating and buying furniture.  I have many more walls and rooms in this place than before, so I imagine it will take a while. I am in no hurry...I want to find things that will last us a while and that we really love.  We are mostly out of boxes and that is the most important thing.  So, that it is from our little corner of the world.  Hope everyone we love is healthy, happy, and....I tried to think of another h word, but nothing came....Oh well.  Love to everyone.....bye.