Thursday, June 30, 2005

School's New Sign

New School Sign

Tonya's sign was put up today. Her last act as PTA President. What do you think?

Monday, June 27, 2005

We Did It...

We are now the owners of a '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE. It is a very pretty shade of purple.
Our New Car

Friday, June 24, 2005


I am happy to say that our Tunex saga has come to an end...and what an end it has been. Scott posted that we were having our car towed, but it is the rest of the story that is almost unbelievable.

After I had called and talked to Mike to arrange for the pickup (and been reassured for the umpteenth time that there was nothing they could do), I thought it would be good if I could get the notes on the work from Tunex for the dealer to have so I called to ask Mike to just put them in the car. Mike, however, was not there; his wife answered the phone and passed me off to their son Jeff. Jeff took a look at the notes and I asked him to print them out and put them in the car. He told me that when I came in to pay that they would print out on the invoice.

Well, Mike had already told me that I wouldn't have to pay for anything. He said he "just doesn't do business this way." So, I explained this to Jeff and I could tell he wasn't very happy about it or that I was planning to take it to the dealer. He told me that they would overcharge and insist on using new parts and asked why I was doing this when he could fix it with used parts. (Imagine a look of pure shock and dismay on my face at this point!)

I couldn't believe that after 4 WEEKS and 5 minutes before the tow truck was coming that he would be telling me that my car could be repaired. I hung up the phone and went straight back to Tunex. I spend an hour and a half (approximately) telling them what I thought about the way they did business, listening to Jeff tell me how he doesn't think any car is "unfixable" and that Mike "in the office" doesn't always know what needs to be done on the cars. I was so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED that Mike had been telling me a completely different story that the Mom and Jeff offered to work on my car as a special project. Even offering to have it towed back to Tunex at their expense. "Mom" said she wanted to make it right with me. I could tell that she was very upset with the way that her husband had handled the whole thing. But it turned out that the son couldn't find a part in town either and so we would have had to try a nationwide search and I told them to forget it, we would just take it to the dealer. Which I should have been able to do after five days!!!!

I feel like, and I told them this, that Mike decided early on that he wouldn't be able to fix my car or I wouldn't be able to pay for it and was just humoring me until I decided to tow it off. I almost think he was hoping I would give up and leave it there for him to have. By the time it was all over, I felt like I said everything I wished to say to them about how upset and annoyed I was and I felt like they felt bad. Which is all I could ask for. My only regret was that Mike himself wasn't there to feel my fury...but I think he is in trouble with his wife, which actually might be worse.

So, Monday the dealer is looking at it and we will deal with the cost as it comes. I am just glad to be done with Tunex FOREVERMORE!!!!

Friday - 4 weeks now

We have now been without our car for four weeks :-( However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. We are taking the car from Tunex to the Toyota Dealership. If they can't fix it, noone will. It looks like we will be coming to Salt Lake next week so that we can purchase the state van.We have been approved for our car loan, so it looks like everything is in order.

Taylor and Shaylee (not ours) had a late night party last night. Tonight Taylor, Shaylee and Kaitlin are having a sleepover at Shaylee's house. Kaitlin is moving away, so this is their last hurrah together. Shaylie and Sydney are becoming pretty good friends, although Shaylie is almost exactly a year older.

We appear to have all the neighborhood kids living with us. Esabel, Micheal, and Gavin are always over to swim. It's funny, this is how we thought it would be for Taylor, but all the kids moved away, but now Shaylie is getting the second wave.

I finally have all the hard drives wiped and I am now putting all the serial numbers together so that I can get the state surplus truck to come down. I am going to fill it up as I have a LOT of stuff to send away.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

No New Car....Yet

We were almost ready to buy a new van. It was pretty nice, it was purple with bucket seats. The girls loved the color of the van and Taylor really liked the bucket seats. They had just barely fixed the A/C and we took it for a test drive to Riverside Chevron to have them look at it. He pulled the engine cover and found that the engine was pulling oil, he said was a sign that the engine was wearing out and probably wouldn't last much longer :-( Dang, because we were even able to talk them down to the price that we wanted. Oh well. We can still get the state vehicle. We will look around some more this weekend, and if we don't find anything, I will drive up to Salt Lake and get that van. Just wish the state vans had bucket seats and were a different color than white. Oh well, can't have everything, but we are finding that we need a car. :-)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. I woke up to all the girls (Tonya included) bringing me breakfast in bed. They then brought me presents. I got a crafty thing that said "Shut the door" as I have been saying that a lot lately. They also got me Lego Star Wars, which is a great computer game. They also got me a wet/dry shop vac, that we should be able to use to get dirt out of the pool. All-in-all it was a very good day.

P.S. you should have seen it, Shaylie was playing Reader rabbit on her computer, Taylor was playing Harry Potter on mine, I was playing Lego Star Wars on my laptop, all day long :-D

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Elder's Quorum Party

Due to car issues, I had to ride with the Elder's Quorum President up to the party. We had it at the Red Cliffs recreational area. It is a state park just 17 miles from our house. It was very nice up there. There is even a little natural water slide and pond that all the kids were playing in. Tonya and the kids stayed home but Grandma and Anissa and Anje were here, so everything worked out.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Three Weeks no Car

We still don't have a car :-( Tonya is getting nervous that the car place is feeling that the car is unfixable. I can't believe this, we have had that car for six years and the first problem we have with it is UNFIXABLE? We are so frustated with this. We were thinking about buying one of the state vans that is going to surplus, but that could still be a couple of months before we can do that. I am supposed to be in charge of a party this weekend up at the Red Cliffs Recreational Area, but it is looking like we won't even be able to get to it. Boy has it been a fun time.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Imaging Server Gone and other stuff

I spent this morning cleaning up the server room to get ready for the imaging server to go up to Salt Lake. Paul came down from Salt Lake and picked up the server and the old server. It is great to have all that stuff gone. With all the boxes also gone, my two server rooms are very clean and for the first time in a year, spacious :-D

Taylor has been asking to take her bunk bed down for a while, so I finally gave in and told her that if she cleaned her room as we went, I would put it on the floor like she wanted. She cleaned, so we rearranged her room. She is very happy.

The primary swimming party that was supposed to be this morning was cancelled due to the rain and the temperature only being 61 at the start time of the party. Oh well, I bet the girls swim in our pool later today.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Our New Blogging System

I have changed our web page from using Greymatter to WordPress. As you can tell, I have not figured it all out yet, so please allow us some time to get it right :-) With the new system, I hope to keep the page a little more up to date.