Friday, June 27, 2003


Well, the baseball season is over! Taylor did very well in her last game, she played 2nd base and got several outs. I don't know exactly how many but I'm sure her dad does. She also almost got a double play. She stopped the ball, tagged her base and threw it to 1st in plenty of time for the out, but the 1st base player wasn't paying attention. Go figure! So now, Baseball is over just in time for the celebrations for the Fourth.

We are staying in St. George for the Fourth of July weekend. There is always a lot to do here to celebrate. We usually head down to the "Fireworks" park, where they have all kinds of rides and games and booths set up during the day. At night, we camp out and enjoy the festive atmosphere until the fireworks are over,then head home to do sparklers and such. We will probably throw a bbq in there somewhere too! The only thing missing from the celebration is family, but unfortunately nobody wants to come down to the heat! Oh well!

Starting on the 11th, we are leaving for Idaho to visit my Dad. We haven't seen his place since they moved up there close to a year ago. We will spend a week there seeing the sights and visiting. Then the following weekend we are going to Grandma J's house, then home again. We are fast running out of summer since School starts on August 12th for Taylor this year!

We may still sign up for swimming lessons after we get home, but we'll have to see how it goes. Now that we have our pool to keep us cool, it's not as necessary to find wet spots around town. It's been nice!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summertime adventures. We will be glad to see our family up north, which is mostly everyone now. Have fun and see you soon!

Monday, June 23, 2003

We are ready for book 6!

Tonya and I have both finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And the character that dies is...I'llllll nevvver telllllll. We both liked the book, and I believe Tonya is already rereading it. I am going to get the audio cd's soon, and then I will listen to it all the way through. It is 23 cd's long!

Taylor and Shaylie are still in Holden. They went to the pageant in Manti over the weekend. Shaylie seems to have grown up over the weekend as we are having a hard time telling her voice from Taylor's on the phone.

We went to see Hulk this weekend. It was pretty good. I liked how they made it feel like a comic book. That made it more fun.

We also rented Star Trek: Nemisis. I can't believe this was the first time we saw this movie, however, now seeing it, I can see why it is the last movie. My biggest complaint of the movie is that they must have forgot that they were in the Star Trek universe. I have to say that I just didn't like it.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Another Game gone by, kids gone.

We had another baseball game last night. We were on the sun field and you could tell the team just was not into it. Very few kids hit it hard, and they were just not into it. Taylor hit a ball hard, but it hit a kid in the chest, so it didn't go far.

Most of Tonya's side of the family were down for the game. We went to Cafe Rio after the game. After that, Taylor and Shaylie packed into Grandma Dawn's car to visit for the weekend. Tonya will now be able to read the new Harry Potter book without interruption. ;-)

Only two days to go till the book is here!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Another new week

Here it is Monday again! Over the weekend, Taylor had her baseball game. She was the second baseman. By herself, she got about 5 outs! Everyone hit ok, even Austin, who hit one over my head! Not bad, since at the beginning of the season, he couldn't even swing or hold a bat! Then we traveled up to Holden for the weekend. We had a father's day Bar-B-Que there and we got back late Sunday night.

Oh, by the way, we went and saw Finding Nemo on Friday. Everyone loved it, especially Shaylie. She wants to see it again. Will have to wait for the dollar theatre for that, however.

One game this week, and one more after that and the season is over. I will be sad when it all ends, especially now that I have all their names down. It has been a pretty fun season.

P.S. It looks like we will be traveling next month. We look to be gone from the 11th through the 26th.

Monday, June 9, 2003

Busy Week

This is a two baseball game week. On Wednesday, we have a game at 7:00. However, before the game, at 6:15 we have team pictures. I am glad that they are before the game, as long as everyone shows up. We also have a game on Saturday at 9:00am in the morning.

Monday, June 2, 2003

Fun Weekend!

We just had a fun weekend with Aunt Anissa and Anje. They came to see Taylor play in her ballgame on Saturday morning. Taylor played really well, and Dad was pitching great too. They got a lot of quicker, harder hits. I think it was a more relaxed, fun game, too, even with Anje and Shaylie marching across the field several times.

After the ball game the girls had fun in the pool and Scott and I got to go see Matrix Reloaded. Thank you Aunt Anissa! We barbecued and had fun, but the only bummer was that I was sick. I had my first summer cold this year, although I suspect it may have been partially due to my low thyroid, although I really know nothing about that since I haven't discussed it with my doctor I spent a bit of the time dozing and trying to feel better.

But the girls were so happy to be together and playing, they even got along really well and helped Dad to do some sprucing up. I guess Anje and Taylor have planned another sleepover for this Thursday night at Aunt Anissa's house, so that will be the next fun thing to look forward to...after the ballgame this Wednesday night, of course.

We hope to see everyone sometime over the summer. We will probably be calling some of you to make plans within the near future. We really need to get away from the stress of work and the heat of St. George for a while. Let us know if you have anything in mind for the summer! Love, the Jesienouski's!