Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Field Day Fun

Today Taylor and Shaylie both had a Track Meet/Field Day at school.  The day turned out quite sunny after the rainy weekend.  Tay ran the 400 m today and was barely edged out to take 4th place.  Somehow they ran out of time at the meet and so her second event was rescheduled for Friday.  She was the only girl in the whole school who signed up to run the 800 m race.  She was really looking forward to it, and was a little bummed that she has to wait now.  Shaylie's Field Day was rescheduled to today from last week because of the stormy weather.   She was really excited to play outside all day.  We'll have to let you know how she did.

Blackberry got his first all over haircut today.  He looks great...better than I expected.  I still think I like him a little longer, but for the summer it will be perfect.  I'll post pictures as soon as I find my camera. 

Better go...post again soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taylor's Birthday Party

We were up bright and early this morning--4:30 a.m. to be exact--for Tay's birthday party!  We were super sneaky this year.  We invited all her friends to a Top Secret Surprise Party for Taylor at 2p.m. today....little did they know that the party was a FAKE OUT!  The real party was a Bedhead Breakfast Party.  We arranged with all the parents to come between 5 & 6 this morning to wake them out of bed & steal them away to breakfast at Denny's.  We videotaped each awakening (although I'm in trouble for a pause/rec mixup when we were at Shaylee's house) and watched it when we got home.  Taylor and her friends got ready for the day and opened presents...she got some good ones, including money for clothes from Grandma J and a Tamagotchi, just to mention two. 

We had a great time...on the way to Denny's we played Crazy Fire Drill and not two minutes after we sat down at the restaurant, another group of tired teenagers in pajamas sat down at the table next to us and the waitresses brought out a Birthday Shortcake and we sang for both Taylor and a birthday boy at the other table as well.  And, we thought we were so original. ;-)  Good times, good times.

More birthday plans for next week, on her actual birthday....Scott is planning to take Taylor out to lunch and Snow Canyon High School Theater Dept is doing High School Musical, so I may try to get tickets for that too.  We'll post more about the happenings later.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yet another busy weekend!

Starting tomorrow...we have busy days ahead: Scott is heading to SLC for a one-day meeting (up and back), Thursday we have Taylor's Birthday Party (fun, fun, fun), Friday Anissa is going through the Temple (Yay!!!) and we'll be having some kind of celebration afterward, Saturday we have Soccer Games, Mom & Me party, and Kite Festival...not to mention it is Anissa's Birthday!  Sunday is full of all the usual....so there it is.  I guess I better rest up.

Speaking of which, the girls let me sleep in today and the brought me breakfast in bed (burnt eggs, but they were still yummy).  Taylor said it was to tell me how grateful they were that I helped them clean their rooms, and vacuumed the floor and stuff. It's good to be appreciated. :-) And if that wasn't enough, Scott took me to lunch today too.  I totally love my family!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Year Anniversary

We forgot to mark the occassion...but April 6th was the one year anniversary of the purchase of our new home!  It has been a good move for us....we still love our place, although we still dream of upgrading, remodeling, and improvements.  I don't think that will ever stop, but that is half the fun of home ownership.  If I could just get my home theater and swimming pool, I might be sated for a few weeks.  :-)

Taylor's birthday is coming up and we are in the midst of planning her annual birthday bash.  We have big "hush-hush" plans, so I can't tell you much, but it will be fun! Her parties always are!  Probably earlier this year, though.  We have so much going on, we have to take the time when we can find it. 

Soccer games every weekend, dance competitions, and Girl Scout campouts...school year is coming to an end....so there are field trips, field days, and track meets.  When soccer ends, we have Pee-wee Baseball and Swimming.  Summer break will be very welcome this year!

Love to everyone!  Still no posts from my family...wonder where you are...are you as busy as we are?  Let us know!  PS-Rose, we did get the Easter Baskets...the girls loved them. Thank you very much! Chocolate is always welcome at the J house.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter!


Just a quick post to say Happy Easter!  It came fast this year, so it's taken us kind of by surprise.  We have a Primary Easter Egg Hunt planned for Saturday morning and we might swing by the Art Show.  I think the Easter Bunny might show up at our house too, but he's kind of taking it easy this year!

B-berry had his first haircut today!  The Groomer didn't cut him all over though.  Just trimmed his eyes and feet.  He was fighting her too much I guess.  But he is fluffy and clean and I can see his eyes for the first time in many months.  I'm taking him back on the 24th to get his all-over cut.  In the meantime, she says we need to get him used to lifting up his legs and stuff.  We'll do our best.

Hope everyone has great Easter plans!  We'd like to hear from you (seems some of our family have forgotten about their blogs) so leave us a post.  We love you! Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Busy Week ahead...as usual

Back to the grind.  I biked in early this morning.  I need to get the crank tightened on my bike, it sounds like it is ready to fall off.  I am going to take the bike in for a tune-up, but there is usually a week downtime before they can do it.  If I can get the crank tightened, I should be ok until then.

 Blackberry's hair continues to grow, if it gets much longer I am going to attach him to a pole and use him as a mop.  Tonya is going to call around today and see how much it is to get him groomed.  I hope it is done soon. 

 No soccer games this past weekend due to conference and no games this weekend due to Easter.  Conference was great, heard many things that were very pertinent to me. Priesthood session was great.  Can't wait until Thursday when all the talks are published on the internet so that I can read them again. Tonya signed Shaylie up for pee-wee baseball and for me to be the manager.  Here we go again.

I have a meeting with the Stake Clerk about my new calling on Tuesday.  He gets to tell me that I have to update every ward's computer and all the computers in the family history center.  Oh what fun!

 I need to start planning April's Train club meeting.  This month it is definately staying on the planned day, I am not doing that much work to organize a meeting again.  We are either going to be at Bryan's house or mine, so I better get that worked out.  Next month we meet at the G Scale group, so I won't have as much to do.