Friday, February 20, 2009

Electric Blue


You know how when your kids are small and you child-proof your house and you especially watch them around electrical outlets because they're really dangerous? Well, nobody tells you that you need to keep warning your kids well into their older years too.  

Yesterday at school, Taylor was in her TLC class doing a lights and lasers module. She went to plug in the machine she was using and the electrical outlet pretty much exploded. She got quite a shock! She said she saw "blue fire" all around the outlet and it hurt quite a bit. Her friends told her that her legs were shaking and her eyes were dilated. Mr. Mitchell told her to call me which she did.

I don't know if your kid has ever called you and said, "I was electrocuted at school today" but I wasn't really prepared to hear this. She sounded all right and there was only an hour of school left, so I told her to go find the school nurse and get checked out and call me back.   The nurse thought she was fine, her heart rate was a little high, but she was feeling shocky (no pun intended) so I decided to go pick her up  and bring her home just to be on the safe side.

When I got to the school, she was being wheeled down the hallway on a chair by her teacher and the school nurse.  She was acting as though she might pass out at any moment.  There may have been a little extra drama going on, but we got her out of the school and into the car and home, where she slept it off for a while.   Her principal called a while later to see if she was doing okay.  Taylor was happy about that.

She was fine after a few hours, in fact, she went to play Ward basketball later in the evening.  That wasn't the best idea however since she felt pretty crappy when she got back. 

Today, she was glad to see how many people had heard what happened and were worried about her.  She was a little freaked out by the fact that she "almost died."  I told her to ask for extra credit in her TLC class, after all, how many people get electrocuted in class, it should be worth a few "experience points!"  When she asked her teacher, he said he already posted the points to her grade!  LOL.  Besides repairing the outlet/cord, that was the least he could do!

PS--Taylor wanted everyone to know that this in NOT an actual photo, but was just her mom being dumb!!! LOL :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holiday Weekend Update

We had a fun holiday weekend! Kind of laid back and not a lot going on...but still fun family time.  

Taylor spent much of the weekend babysitting, which works out great for her since she has decided to start saving money to buy a car when she turns 16.  Scott and I decided to avoid the dinner crowds and he took me to lunch at my favorite-- Red Lobster!  I had my favorite Coconut Shrimp and Clam Chowder. 

 We all had our fill of chocolate and the girls each got a plush valentine buddy! (I kept meaning to take a picture but they never happened!)  Most of the weekend was spent watching some of our favorite movies: Dances with Wolves, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix Trilogy (shhh!) and Space Buddies.  That last was mainly a concession to Shaylie. 

Scott and Taylor hit a couple of soccer games.  They watched the team that Taylor is trying out for...the Dixie Dragons. They were playing in a tournament, which they won!  Good to know...hopefully Taylor will be able to add to their winning tradition.  Shaylie is going to play soccer this year again too!  She has decided that she is good at sports.  I hope she it right.  Scott wants to coach her team and I think they will have fun. 

We are waiting patiently for warmer weather.  Usually, President's Day marks the beginning of my favorite time of year.  I love the rain, but I'd like some sunshine and rainbows too.  We'll have hot summer days before we know it and I really love the spring down this way!  The trees do have blossom buds on them, so it won't be far off.

Spring Break is only three weeks away!  I am DETERMINED to do something fun.  We'll see.  My planning doesn't usually pay off, but I can't help trying.  Of course, part of my planning has to include the Twilight DVD release....and maybe some camping. It can be a dry run for my Camp Director duties.  Stay tuned to hear what we decide.  Love to all!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Girls rocked SUPAF!

Or the Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival to be precise.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to upload the videos to this blog so you will need to check my blog to see the performances.  Click here!

02-14-09 UPDATE!!!!  We just found out tonight that the judges chose Taylor as one of the best overall in her category and she will be awarded a $50 Scholarship from SUPAF at an awards ceremony on March 6th.  She is only allowed to bring two guests (I know !!) but we will document all the pomp and circumstance on our stay tuned...Congratulations Tater Tot! You are awesome!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cute Cousins Weekend

We had a fun weekend with our cute cousins: Bella and Anje!  Anje spent the night on Friday and Bella had a sleepover on Saturday! We love having them come visit!

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